Abstract they do some random attacks on my client

AbstractThis paper gives an idea about Business ContinuityPlanning (BCP) followed by my Organization. Also various activities held in theprocess of this BCP. The plans developed by my Organization in case of anydisaster for alternate site relocation and the estimated monthly budget foroperating regular business activities at alternate site locations. Policieswhich are followed in the Organization known as Contingency Planning Policy(CPP) are explained in this paper. Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) which isused to recover all the core business activities in case of any disasteroccurs. There are different articles which defines all these procedures likeBCP, CPP and DRP in different ways.Keywords: Business Continuity Planning (BCP),Contingency Planning Policy (CPP), Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)         The main of BCP is to continue our business activitieswithout any fail even a major disaster happens, in order to achieve all thisorganization need a planning which is known as Business Continuity Planning.The core steps in this BCP are as follows1.

     ContingencyPlanning Policy 2.     BusinessImpact Analysis3.     RecoveryPlanning4.

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     Testingthe plan5.     Maintainingthe plan Basic activities conducted by my organization arepolicy making which is known as Contingency Planning Policy. As part of thispolicy making my organization has a team of members who are responsible toanalyze the impact of business activities during a disaster situation fromwhich they come to know about the how much recovery time is needed in order torestore all the business activities under such situation which is known asRecovery Planning. Once they are done with the CPP, Business Impact Analysisand Recovery Planning. IT team is available in my Organization who can test theplan which is designed as part of CPP. As part of this testing plan they dosome random attacks on my client sites and the other team which is known asRecovery Planning Team they do activities related to restore the core businessactivities from which they can estimate the recovery time. My Client alsofollow On-site and Off-site location strategy in order not to impact businessprocesses if any natural disaster occurs at one of those locations. This alsocomes as part of Disaster Recovery Planning and they allocate separate monthlybudget to all those locations depending on the employees working at thoselocations, training needed to all the employees in order to handle suchdisaster situations.

All such locations have both BCP and DRP teams so they canconduct all the maintenance work related to business activities comes undermaintaining the plan. During maintenance work at my client’s location theydo backup of all critical business documents to a secured Cloud Database. Aspart of disaster recovery planning at alternate site locations they do identifythe critical assets which are needed for their daily business activities and doa secured backup. In case of any disaster the recovery team will be able torestore all the critical data needed for business use from Cloud Database. Theyalso have secured roles allotted in order to access the data which is securedin the Cloud Database.

The strategy which is executed by my Client in alternatesite relocation identification is they listed few geographic locations on theglobe where we have less natural disasters occurring compared to otherlocations depending on the present statistics and planning to arrange that asalternate site location.In order to setup that as alternate site location,they ask team to analyze how their business is getting impacted due to thisrelocation criteria and how to handle such scenarios so that it will not impactthe economy to the Organization.There are few limitation in the BRP and DRP which myclient is following when comes to Budget check for monthly as they have so manyalternate operating sites which will leads to hire so many employees and trainthem to maintain the both Business Recovery Planning Disaster Recovery planningactivities.