ABSTRACT school, different part of their personality, financial status,

ABSTRACTThe present paper investigates the comparative study of stress among adolescent of class 12 th. The sample consisted of 1200(600 boys and 600 girls) students, Further subdivided into private and government student of Raipur in around the areas.

There were student belong to different subject stream like Art, Commerce and sciences. The data were collected from different area of Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Using t-test and one- way ANOVA statistical technique. The finding revealed that the stress experienced by both girls and boys adolescents. Keywords: Stress and Adolescent I: INTRODUCTIONStress has posed serious problems for children parents, teachers, society and nation, it has got a direct bearing on the academic achievement of adolescent when the adolescent are mentally and physically healthy they better perform in their academic achievement .

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The purpose of study is to find out the stress percentage in academic score. School achievement might be influenced by various variables like intelligence, study habits, stress, achievement and attitudes of student towards school, different part of their personality, financial status, etc. Academic achievement refers to a student’s success on meeting short or long term goals in education (Wadettiwar S.2017).

Stress can affect health, emotional state and academic performance once stress has become perceived negatively or has become excessive. Stress and bits manifestation, such as anxiety, depression and burn out, have always been seen as a common problem among people in different profession and occupations. In last few decades, alarm has already been provoked by the proliferation of books, research reports, popular articles and the growing number of organized workshops, aiming to teach people how to cope with this phenomenon (Keinan and Perlberg 1986).Stress is viewed as a negative emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physiological process that occurs as a person tries to adjust to or deal with stressors Bernstein,et al (2008).

 1.1 NEED AND IMPORTANCE OF THE STUDY            In the present study shows the Stress is important factor to study in School, college and society. Stress is also another psychological factor to increase or decrease the result of academic. In this study researcher found that stress student score high than low stress. High stress is harmful to health .If student take more stress for study that student need for counselling. High stress is injuring to the mental health better to student force to motivate to daily practice on good study habit and practice on stress removing therapy. In review of related literature also show that high stress student shows high academic score.

II: REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE 2.1 Studied Related to StressBlumberg and Flaherty (1985), Clark and Rieker,(1986); Linn and Zeppa, (1984), Felsten and Wilcox (1992).They revealed that there is negative relationship between stress and academic achievement. And Struthers, Perry and Menec, (2000), Bell (1995), Dubois and Felner (1992) and Ganesan(1995),Malik and Balda (2006) founded just against them. Kaplan and Sadock (2000) reported that an optimal level of stress can enhance learning ability. Sinha, Wilson and Watson (2000) Studied stress and coping among students in India and Canada.

In society study of stress and coping, 198 students in India and 344 in Canada (all aged 16-25 yrs) were compared with relevance stress, coping and selected psychosocial variable specially, locus of management, self worth, life orientation (optimism-pessimism), and social support. The main hypotheses postulated that, compared to the Canadian students, Indian students would expertise additional stress and would prefer emotion-focused coping methods for coping with stress. The reveal instead that the Indian student report less stress than the Canadian students and prefer emotion focused coping strategies. The finding of this study is important as it 35 clears a lot of misconceptions around Indian school students in relation to stress, which is often perceived to be high. Bankston and Zhou (2002) and Rajni Kumari and Radhakanta Gartia (2012),Which demonstrated a positive correlation amongst stress and academic achievement. Huge contrast exists in the scholarly accomplishment of understudies having high, direct and less anxiety. Understudies with high and anxiety performed superior to anything the understudies having less anxiety. Verma, Sharma, and Larson (2002).

Conducted a study titled, “School stress in India: Effects on time and daily emotion.”Like adolescents in East Asia, Indian middle class adolescent face highly competitive examination system. This study examine the influence of school demand on the daily time use and subjective states of young people.100 urban, middle class, 8th grade students carried alarm watches for 1 week and provided at random times ,following the procedures of the “Experience Sampling Method”. The adolescent reported that schoolwork generated negative states .Students who spent more time in leisure experienced more favourable states but 44 reported higher academic anxiety. The study is crucial to the present one as it examined the influence of school demands on states of Indian Young people.

Rajni Kumari and Radhakanta Gartia (2012) showed a positive correlation between stress and academic achievement. Significant difference exists in the academic achievement of students having high, medium and low stress. Students with high and medium stress performed better than the students having less stress. Akande et al.

, (2014) the study reveals that majority of secondary school student experience stress at medium and low levels. However, 45.69 of the respondent had a medium level of stress which may demand acquiring strategies to cope with the stress.

III: METHODOLOGY OF STUDYAs the methodology of the study is designed on the basis of problem, objectives and hypothesis formulated3.1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY1.      To study the mean score of gender and types school of stress among adolescent students.2.      To study the subject stream and their interaction on stress of student.

3.2 HYPOTHESES OF THE STUDY1.      There is no significant difference the mean score of gender, and types of school of stress among adolescent students.2.      There is no significant difference of subject stream and their interaction on stress among adolescent student3.

3 METHOD OF THE STUDY The present study based on descriptive survey methods. 3.4 POPULATION OF THE STUDY The present research work entrusted the 12 th class students of Government and private school student of Raipur (Chhattisgarh).3.5 SAMPLING TECHNIQUES            For the study, the researcher employed stratified random sampling.  3.

6 SAMPLE OF THE STUDYSample of the present study consisted 1200 higher secondary students, who studying in XII class of Higher Secondary Schools of District Raipur which were affiliated to Chhattisgarh State Board Of Education.3.7 TOOLS OF THE STUDYStress inventory (Hindi version) constructed by M.

Singh 80 questions was used to measure the stress of the student s. IV: ANALYSIS OF DATAH0- 1 There is no significant difference the mean score of gender and types of school of stress among adolescent students.    Table: 4.1Gender and Types of school wise M, Sd, N, and t-test of Stress scores among adolescent student.

Variables Groups N df Mean Score SD Mean difference t value Sig     Gender Female   600   1198 22.68 7.42     4.74     9.52     Sig   Male   600     17.94   9.67   Types of school Govt.

600     1198 21.42 9.40   1.8   3.64   Sig   Private     600   19.20 8.31  The table 4.

1 Gender wise Stress shows that the obtained’t’ value 9.52 which is greater than table value 0.0001 with df 1198 required for significance at 0.

05 level  indicating that it is significant. It concludes that there is significant difference in the stress of higher secondary school Male and Female students. Hence, the null hypothesis is rejected. The mean score of female student (M= 22.68) had high stress than male students (M= 17.94).Type of school wise Stress shows that the obtained’t’ value 3.

64 which is greater than table value 0.090 with df 1198 required for significance at 0.05 level indicating that it is significant.

It concluded that there is a significant difference in the intelligence of higher secondary school students studying in Govt. and Private schools. Hence, stated null hypothesis that “there is no significant difference between govt.

and private school” is rejected. The private school student (M= 19.20) had lower stress than government school students (M= 21.42).H0- 2 There is no significant difference of subject stream and their interaction on stress among adolescent studentTable 4.

2:One way ANOVA of Stress of adolescent belonging to different subject streams. Variable Source of Variation Sum of Square df Mean Squares F ratio Significance     Stress Between Groups 107.16 2 53.58     0.67**     Not Sig Within Groups 95732.

50 1197 79.97 Total 95839.66 1200     Table value 2.99 with df (2, 1197) on 0.05 level of significance.

     The table 4.2 shows that the obtained F-ratio is 0.67 which is lower than table value with df (2, 1197) required for significance at 0.

05 level indicating that there is no significant at 0.05 level. It concludes that there is a no significant difference in the stress of higher secondary school students belonging to different subject stream.

Thus, the null hypothesis that is “there is no significant influence of subject stream and their interaction on intelligence of students.” is not rejected .It may, stated that the stress are independent on different subject stream.V: CONCLUSION          The study shows that overview related to stress among adolescent of 12 th class of government and private school of Raipur Chhattisgarh. The government school students has high stress compare to private because in that case private student faces different kind of activity regarding to exam pattern. They have good intelligence percent with low stress.

Girls have high stress compare to boys because as a culture female are under pressure of expectation and demand of society. She has calliper to achieve a goal but with high stress and depressions. Also stress is not similar different subject stream.

Commerce (20.37) and science (20.65) has high stress compare to art stream. Study reveals that girls were found to be not much difference from boys on the measure of academic achievement. So it is important to aware the particular school whose result getting down due stress. Stress is harmful factor for health because high stress is injured the physical health of person. So parents and teacher don’t through more expectation and burden on their children. It can be suggested that counselling programs should be organized for the students to developed good study environment in them.

It can be suggested that appropriate psychological counselling has to be available in the school campus to inoculate better study that have direct bearing on academic achievement.