Abstract-In device that alerts the driver and decrease the

Abstract-In India, there is a road accidenthappening in every 2 seconds and a personis dying in a minute because of roadaccidents. Out of all such accidents, 95% Ofit is out of driver’s carelessness Gooddriving is all about Maintaining a speedlimit of 50kmph in cities, Applying breakswithout jerks, avoiding sharp turnings,positioning of the vehicle on the road whencornering as well as being in the correct gearand at the right speed.Dear app is an offlineapp that keeps a track of all these factors ofa driver and records a driver’s efficiency. Itthen sends an impulse signal to the mainserver where the database of each driver willbe recorded.

It then marks the driver’sefficiency. All you need is just a smartphone and a dear app.1. INTRODUCTIONConventional speed governors are designedonly to limit the maximum speed attainableby a vehicle. We are trying to implementPreventive Safety Systems using advancedMechatronics and Active Safety Methods.This system can provide necessary warningand aid to the driver when required.Nowadays speed governor is a commonterm of which almost everyone is familiarwith.

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Speed governor is just a device thatalerts the driver and decrease the speed ofthe vehicle when the vehicle speed exceedsthe reference value entered in the speedgovernor. This thought i.e. whether thisspeed governor which merely controls thespeed of a vehicle is worth in a fast movingsociety of ours ended up in an alternative forspeed governor that can take decisionsaccording to varying environmental anddriver behavior.Over viewActive safety systems are graduallybecoming practical with advance inenvironment sensing and vehicle controltechnologies. On the other hand analyses ofdriver mistakes retrieved to as human errors,in road accidents has shown that drivercontinues to make mistakes in the cognitionof their external world and judging the safeor not safe. A total 60% of all rear andalmost 30% of head-on collision could havebeen avoided if the driver reacted mere ahalf a second early. So in this paper we arefocusing on driver aids which combines bothenvironment senses and driver monitoringsystem.

decisions according to varyingenvironmental and driver behavior. We aresure that the dear app that we have proposedwould bring in dramatic changes in the fieldof driving as well as in the current Indiantraffic system if implemented2. TRACKING SYSTEM:Object Tracking and ClassificationUsing the data from environmental sensingsystems, the drivers are classified accordingto their skills. The main classifications ofvehicles can be like cars, trucks/buses,motorcycles//bicycles and pedestrians.Additional data like reflexivity can be usedto detect signal posts and such objects.

Thepedestrians are identified by comparing theacquired data with some out lines stored inthe history. It is almost like video imageprocessing. If the obstacle is identified as apedestrian some complicated algorithms areused to track the movements of thepedestrian. The development of driversupporting system that address the mistakesmade by drivers requires Environmentalsensors, driver monitoring system and abrake assist system to ordinate vehiclecontrol.

Environmental SensorsThe environmental sensor system consists ofequipments that make the vehicle aware ofits surroundings. In general it consists ofradars, infrared night vision systems, highresolution digital video for medium distanceobservation, and ultra sonic systems for ultrashort monitoring. In our system we are u