Abstract corporation and the March of Dime . American

                                               Abstract  Cause –Related Marketing as part of corporate social responsibility, becomes anincreasingly used by companies in the market. Some of the benefits of the causerelated marketing campaigns is attracting new customers , increasing sales ofproducts , or services creating positive brand image and raising funds for asocial cause.

And there are many companies followed this concept in theremarkets .  The cause related marketinghas an impact on consumers choices , so they prefer to by from them becausethey can  meetthere needs and help the community by  paying the same price.             What is Cause related marketing (CRM)? And why companies follow this concept ?Cause Related Marketing (CRM) : “is a type ofcorporate social responsibility in which a company promotional campaign has adual purpose of  increasing profitabilitywhile bettering society” . many companies employ cause related marketingstrategies that link product sale to the support of a charity to create  and maintain brand images .Companies thatfollow cause related marketing concept trying to attract consumers wanting tomake a difference in society trough their purchasing. Barone, M. J., Norman, A.

T., & Miyazaki, A. D. (2007). Journal of Retailing, 83(4), 437-445.

 The beginning ofcause related marketing was in 1770’s when Bruce Burtch organized fundraisersbetween Mariiot corporation and the March of Dime . American Express’s support for the statue of Liberty was the mostwell-known program , they encourage customers to use their American Expresscard each time it was used a 1 cent donation was  made to restoration of the statue of Libertyfund . Adkins, S. (2007). Cause related marketing. RoutledgeCause Related Marketing  & Corporate Social Responsibility :-Over the past decade , corporate social responsibility (CRM)has gradually been integrated into the business activities of enterprisesaround the world . CRC can instill trust and brand loyalty .

In principles ,CSRcan be used to strengthen corporate reputation and profitability by signalingto the various stakeholders with whom the organization interacts that it iscommitted to meeting its moral obligations and expectations beyond commonregulatory requirement . CRM can be a sustainable way to improve and build acorporate image / brand. CRM has the potential to engage individuals mentallyand emotionally with a corporation, and hence create a positive and goodcorporate image.

Demetrious, M., Papasolomou, I., & Vrontis, D. (2010). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) have becomeincreasingly popular among American corporations. A common form of suchactivity, referred to as cause-related marketing (CRM), involves a company’spromise to donate a certain amount of money to a nonprofit organization or asocial cause when customers purchase its products/services. A well-known CRMprogram has been General Mill’s ongoing Yoplait campaign with the slogan “SaveLids to Save Lives,” which promises to donate 10¢ to the Susan G.

Komen BreastCancer Foundation for each yogurt lid returned by customers. To date, this CRMcampaign has raised over 10 million dollars. Barone, M. J., Miyazaki, A. D.,& Taylor, K. A.

(2000). The influence of cause-related marketing onconsumer choice: does one good turn deserve another?. Journal of theacademy of marketing Science, 28(2), 248-262.?Examples of cause related marketing:-*Starbucks & Red cup:-For the past years, Starbucks has teamed up with RED toraise funding for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS on World AIDS Day. As part ofthe campaign, Starbucks  donating 10cents for every handcrafted beverage sold in US And Canada stores, and raised awhopping $ 12 million in contributions *The walk to end breast cancer —Reebok & Avon 39:-The Avon 39 Walk to End Breast Cancer is a 39 mile walk held annually to raiseawareness and funding for breast cancer.

Reebok serves as the national sponsorof the events, awarding them significant brand visibility with walkparticipants. Through their events, Avon 39 has managed to raise over $500million dollars for breast cancer prevention and research. <<(Causegood.com).The business benefits of cause marketing:-As consumers and employees continue to favor companies thatdevelop and promote charitable relationship , the business benefits of causemarketing continue to grow. As shown in latest evaluating study : 80% ofconsumers would switch to a brand that supports a cause , when price andquality are equal , 41% have bought a product because it was associated with acause or issues , 85% have a more positive image of product or company when itsupports a cause they care about , 69% of employees decide where to work basedon a company's support of cause .

slideshare.com/ 2-Dec-2013Companies are also investing more in CRM programs becausecustomers are becoming more critical in choosing products and servicesconsidering price, quality and a company’s? social responsibility. Nowadays the(CRM) had an impact on consumers choices , so most people now are looking forcompanies that follow this concept in providing their services to meet theirneeds and serve the community at the same time.Now the awareness of cause related marketing has  increased and more Ads  have increased urging people to search forcompanies and markets that follow this concept .

Corporate SocialResponsibility is important for acquiring long-term success and  the new consumers identify with increasedrequirements and will prefer to buy from companies that are committed to socialcauses, as long as there are no major differences concerning the quality of theproducts.