About Inter Chess Competition in the intramural games tournament

About My Family BackgroundI am 22 years old. I am highly motivated and enthusiastic person. Ilove to learn new things. From my childhood my ambition is to get highereducation in information technology I belong to a highly cultured and modernfamily where having new ideas towards education is highly appreciated. Theethics and rules of my family have played a great role in my life. All myfamily members have been encouraging me and are ready to provide any kind ofsupport for my higher studies.

There are four members in my family includingme. My father A. Chandran is a businessman and my mother K. Nirmala is a Housewifehave an elder sister, she is doctor by profession and currently she ispreparing for her pg.

  Educational BackgroundMy academic performance has been sound sincemy school level,I completed my schooling in 2011 from Narayana Olympiad schoolin Tirupathi, Andra Pradesh India with a percentile of 74 and intermediate in2013 from Sri Chaitanya junior college with an aggregate of 70 percent. As a student,I was very interested in computer and programming which formed the foundationfor securing admission in undergraduate course ‘Computer Science andEngineering’ in 2013 at SreeVidyanikethan Engineering College. In course curriculum subjects of Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, DatabaseManagement Systems, Object Oriented Programming and Java fancied me the mostwhich helped me tone up my concepts in developing algorithms, logics, andprograms.  Achievementsand extracurricular activitiesAside from academics, I tookpart in extracurricular activities as well. I have secured 2nd place in InterChess Competition in the intramural games tournament of my college. Also, theWinners in Inter-Zonal Basketball Competition and the runner-up in the QUIZcompetition in Mohana Mantra.

I am one of the membersof Senior Executive Committee in Systems Engineers Association in my universityand I have also served as the General Secretary in my department. I also servedfor 3 months in RashtriyaSevaSamithi (RASS) which helps the needy and the poor,an approved NGO in Tirupati. These are the credentials which mirror my active participation inextracurricular activities.My first project ‘Hotel Management System’ providedme hands-on experience and proficiency in working in database environment and programming skills. My major project’Online Food Ordering System’ in Python using MySQL Database, in which I leadthe team.  WHYPURSUE CAREER IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYI have invariably held a strong propensity towardsInformationTechnology, the place where people focus on getting new insights andunderstanding of design, programming, theory and applications. This is what drew me towards this course and the job of swimming through problems togain insight made me energized as I like challenges. That excitement andimmense interest made me to expertise in some of the programming languages likeC, C++, Python and Java.

In a developing country like India there is a lot ofscope for growth in IT field considering the population and there is a lot ofpotential for further expansion in the information technology sectorcreatingmore opportunities for skilled professional in information technology who havegood knowledge of new technologies and this course will provide me the requiredskill set and global exposure.  Whynot India?There are only a handful of institutes inIndia which provide quality education for Masters which is very lessconsidering the number of graduates graduating every year in India. Getting anadmit in all those institutions is extremely hard and there is a heavy competitionfor Masters courses in the country.

Despite the heavy competition there isreservation and certain categories in the country are more benefitted makingthe chances of admission very lean for students like me. Therefor I needed toopt for Foreign institutions for my masters. I believe the much-needed stimulus forkick-starting a career growth after masters is lacking in Indian curriculum.

Indian education has not yet adopted research-based education and the educationsystem emphasizes more on theoretical part whereas in Australia; they focusmore on practical based learning. Most importantly they allow creativity ineducation. Indian method of assessment is mostly examined on Written PaperExams whereas in Australia they assist students through assignments/essays,seminars.  Why I decided tostudy in Australia:Australiais a very popular destination for international students since it has a strongeconomy,relaxed culture and mainly high quality education.Educationproviders in Australia have been welcoming international students for more thana century. Although every Australian college & university is autonomous andsets its own standards and course offerings, each belongs to a unified nationalsystem which ensures that at the undergraduate level, all Australian college& university degrees are nominal of equal quality. Australia’s universitiesand colleges maintain high standards of academic excellence and areconsistently recognized in top international rankings. Australian institutes,colleges, and universities also offer a wide range of courses and degrees sointernational students can easily find the colleges and field that are rightfor them.

Cultural sensitivity,tolerance of religious observance and freedom of expression are proudlypromoted and encouraged by all Australian colleges & Universities.Australian have cooperatives as well as having friendliest behavior withvisitors and international students. Australia has so much more to offer thefriendly environment, good nature, best education system and high standard ofliving making it the best place for international students for masters.Australian climate which isquite similar to India where it observes every season compared than othercountries like the US, UK or Canada. Australia attracted a large number ofAsian students toward their universities and colleges to compile their higherstudy. Whynot other countries:I also compared Australiawith other English speaking countries by research on the internet. I comparedAustralia with New Zealand, Canada, and US & UK etc.

USA:Though there is a wider choice of universities in the US, not all universitiesare properly accredited. Their admission process is very lengthy even if we getadmission to a good university, Visa is always ambiguous. Living is also quiteexpensive.

UK: Theredegrees are one year program those are mostly not acceptable in India and thetuition fee also very high. The climatic conditions are extreme and very highcost of living.Canada:There is no direct entry for masters in Canada and much cold weather, which isquite different from that of Indian climate and my parents, will also notpermit me to go there as the weather conditions do not suit me.New-Zealand:Australia is much more advanced in technology than New Zealand. I also did myresearch on the internet & I saw several negative videos ,which is posted by the students who completed their studies from New Zealand. Why Study in Deakin University?The choice of Deakin University for MS Program has beenmade primarily due to its distinguished faculty and the course curriculum isaligned to my field of interest.

In addition, the curriculum offers flexibilityto gain in-depth knowledge in the many other specific concentration courses and electives. Also, as the Universitymaintains a strong relationship with industry, I will have opportunities towork with the industry in the area of my interest.I believe with the help of MSprogram offered by the Deakin University, I will be able to learn advanced skills and knowledge in planning, design,implementation, testing and management of computer systems and applications.This university because itprovides world-class education system and a relevant pathway to my career.Teaching methodology is very good and fast, fully technological equippedclassrooms. The campus of University is very big and spacious and they have alot of campuses all overAustralia. In thiscollege, there are lot of students from different country, culture, religion,language under one roof. I can get a lot of international exposure and vast myknowledge horizon.

Iresearched about other universities like University of Sydney, La TrobeUniversity, University of Melbourne and Deakin University and Deakin universitywould be the best institute for my further studies according to my profile andinterest in the subject that I wanted to pursue in my masters. DeakinUniversity is committed to creating a flexible and caring learning environmentfor all students to participate fairly and equally in their studies than othercolleges or universities.Moreover, I feel Deakin University has a stronginternational focus & developed perspective for international students. Istrongly believe that studying in Deakin University would present to me anopportunity that will have a positive impact on my life and career. Hence,I was motivated to select Deakin University asmy choice to do graduate study.  Future plans after completion of studyUpon graduation from theUniversity,I am sure I would take up a job in my home country, which not onlygives me immense job satisfaction and also helps me to get a good career whereI can procure my talents of being a good professional and serve my nation well.,I plan to work as a Software Engineer/ Software Developer in big and reputedcompanies which have projects to get hands-on experience. After gainingadequate experience over 5 to 6 years, my long-term goal is to be a Consultantand offer Software Solutions to clients.

I believe that I possess themotivation, intellectual ability and preparedness to set out on thisexhilarating and arduous path with absolute commitment to undertake thegraduate course. With my strong academic background and keenness for graduatestudy, I assure you that I will live up to the high academic standards of youruniversity.Reasonsfor returning to home country:I have genuine intentions tostudy in Australia.

After completion of my master’s degree, I would come backto my home country. Since I am the only son my parents wouldn’t allow me towork in Australia and I need to look after my family business I have betteropportunities to grow career wise in India considering my field of interestHence, I will return to India after completion of my master degree from one ofthe reputed university of Australia.VisaObligations – Sub Class 500:I am fully aware about thestudent’s rights which I will meet during my stay in Australia. There are someimportant visa conditions given as below:- Ø  Ican only work for 40 hours per fortnight.Ø  Icannot start paid work until I have started my course Ø  Imust maintain adequate arrangement for health insurance during the stay inAustralia.Ø  Imust continue to satisfy the requirements for the grant of my student visa.This means for example, that student continues to have sufficient financialcapacity to support student study and live in Australia.

Ø  Ineed to maintain class attendance and must be regular in class.Ø  Ineed to clear 50% of the subject in each term.Ø  Icannot transfer to another university or college during my 6 months inprincipal course.   Yours SincerelyA SaicharanChowdary