A3) source. Users are able to combine multiple data

Critically examine and evaluate the software. Would you recommend this software
to anyone? Why or why not? Justify.

Lumira is SAP’s self-service tool for any data analysis and visualization. By
using this software, anyone can conduct advanced analytics to gain new insights
without need any help from IT expert. Every people or user can make the
first-class data visualization on their screen in time.

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Lumira enables to helps a team or department in envision and have better comprehend
in their data all on a lightweight in memory server. With this software also
can make your team analyze large volumes of data quickly and form data stories that
captivate audiences and accelerate time to understand.

would recommend this software to everyone to relieve them in interpreting their
data into more visualize and easy to understand. By using SAP Lumira, just with
a few clicks stunning visualization will be quickly build up. Other than that, information
can be visualize in a large volumes without sacrificing performance, security
or scale and drive immediate outcomes over the endeavour.

with SAP Lumira users can connect data either in big or small size. Users can
acquire, manipulate and visualize any of data source. Users are able to combine
multiple data sets in the same view or leverage their BI platform for trust and
scale. Without needed help from IT expert, maximization of data and most
up-to-date information can be done without difficulty.

just enter the data into SAP Lumira, it can generate a story to many people. This
software let users to visualize any amount of data or information in real time with
just in a few simple steps that need be taken. Just simply flowing drag and
drop the interface, users can quickly generate eye-catching visualizations and find
out the hidden insights. Other than that, the user can discover many potential of
data by building storyboards and info graphics with just a few clicks and
become a storyteller.

is used to understand the past, present and future so that we can make better
business decisions. Users can use SAP Lumira in order to explain or share the
story about your decision to other members. Users need to look into the data
and notice if there are trends that tell a story, explore the data through visualisation
to see if it sparks a story that connects the data. If users truly want to see
the power of using story telling for data analysis then they have to make an
actual story with emotion and information.

Lumira allows user to easily express and share the knowledge. This kind of
software can benefit business situations for instance in presenting sales quota
with just drill down and merge capabilities, sales team manager can adjust lead
allocations and sales efforts based on real time staff commission and quota
trends and review with shareable dashboard.  Another example is in presenting sales team
performance where sales executive can emphasize trends in opportunities, leads
and deals as KPIs in a consolidated control panel.