A unite our world one question at a time.My

A compelling, innovative concept like Humans of New York is a scary idea to execute in this day and age of being glued to smartphones, tablets, etc. No one takes the time out of their day to have a raw compelling conversation with people they are unfamiliar with. During this project I struggled to search campus for interviewees that would provide me with outstanding answers.

I received some bland, outrageous, and downright useless answers but eventually I gathered three thoughtful answers. Hearing all their answers made me realize the importance of uncovering the slight details about an everyday stranger. The details strangers give us could unite our world one question at a time.

My interviewees consisted of my friend Armani and two other girls named Paulina and Anissa. While all of them were given different questions and delivered compelling answers I realized how self aware our generation has become. My first question, ‘How have you changed since you came to Texas State?’ was given to Armani.Armani’s experience with loneliness throughout the first semester has her prepared for adulthood and all the isolation it has to offer. Comparing her first semester experience at Texas State to high school she believed that she has changed for the worse since coming here.

One big change is the amount of people she hangs out with, going from seeing 50 plus friends a day to seeing 3 a day is definitely a culture shock.  Hearing her experience starting out freshman year on a bad note makes me realize that college does not always bring partying and making new friends. For people like Armani even talking to one new person is an accomplishment in itself. Listening to Armani I learned that we are both experiencing the negative impact college has taken on our social life, as I am also struggling to make new friends and appreciate college.

My second question, ‘What is your biggest fear?’ was given to Paulina. From my conversation with Paulina I could tell she was hesitant to reveal one of her deepest fears. Infertility is a frightening concept, especially for women who aspire to become a mother like Paulina. Listening to Paulina’s answer I can infer that having a child is the ultimate goal for her even over having a career. Paulina’s fear of not having a child would crush her and all the plans she made for her future. Finally, I asked Anissa the typical interview question, ‘Where do you see yourself in 10 years?’.

Anissa has her life planned out already and she is determined to carry out these dreams. At first glance she doesn’t seem like someone who would distinctively know her destiny, but from looking at any teenager you can infer that they have no dreams. Anissa is different, I learned from her answer that she isn’t like any other teenager.

No other teenager would be planning out a study guide for her 5 pre med classes in between classes. Anissa’s plan to finish all her schooling in the quick span of 8 years shows her crazy work ethic. From hearing all three answers I learned that everyone has a different, determined outlook on life. From constant isolation, fear of infertility, and a dream goal of graduating medical school, college students are getting real about their expectations about life.

I appreciate all the answers my interviewees gave me even though they came from very different perspectives. I thought Armani’s answer about feeling lonely compared to high school was the best answer out of all. Armani’s thought provoking answer has her set for how lonely her