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A lot of businesses, especially small companies, fail to initiate marketing on Twitter.  While using other social media platforms, they may not see the results they are looking for.

 Twitter is a great tool because you can reach a specific audience to view and interact with your content.  Read on to find out how your small business may benefit from Twitter.  1. Connecting with Customers in a Personal MannerYou should start out by following leaders in your industry.  Interact with them by commenting or retweeting their tweets.

 Allowing a significant amount of interaction between your profile and popular industry profiles will increase exposure for your company profile.  This will make your profile  you should also send a personal message after following that person and invite them to learn more about your company with a call to action..  This helps to create a more personable experience between your customer and your business and provides a great way to initiate a call to action.    Customers will feel more comfortable in checking out your content and the product and/or services your business is offering.  This is also an easy way for you to answer any questions the potential customer may have when researching your company.  This loyalty can pay off big time.2.

Easily Spy on Competition Twitter allows an easy way for you to check on your competition.  You can analyze their followers, posts, and content.  You also have a heads up when it comes to their own customer complaints or questions.  You can use this information to create a stronger and more tailored brand.  Find the flaws that exist within your competition and make sure to correct those issues within your own business.  Follow your competitions followers and show them why your business is better. 3.

Free Marketing That Can Go a Long WayCreate an incredible short pitch and tweet away.  This is the best way to get free marketing because your pitch has the ability to reach a ton of people on Twitter.  Utilize hashtags that are relevant to your business and products and you will gain even more exposure.  You can share links, pictures, and videos on Twitter.

 This free marketing can help your business go a long way without ever having to spend a dime.4. Keeping Customers Updated on Your BusinessIf you’re running a business, you definitely understand the importance of keeping your customers updated. Twitter is a great tool to keep them posted on the latest information, promotion and sales your business is having.When you use Twitter, you can share valuable information with your customers at times that matter most; weekend sales, black Friday deals etc.5. Push Fresh Content Quickly and Successfully to the Correct AudienceCreating new and fresh content is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged.  If you have a new recipe or blog post, use Twitter to push out that fresh content.

 Make sure that you are using correct hashtags to target your audience and watch the Retweets happen!  Twitter is an awesome way to promote fresh content to a target audience without ever having to spend any money.  If you are looking for social media management, radio/print advertising, or website design; let HTMedia360 help your small business!  HTMedia360 is located in Kenton, Ohio.  We proudly serve clients in Ohio.  We are a premiere marketing agency that can help small businesses in and around Kenton, Marion, Findlay, Upper Sandusky, Bellefontaine, Marysville, and Columbus.

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