A Tesla put in such huge amounts of efforts

ASingular Tweet By Tesla CEO That Sheds Light upon Emotional IntelligenceIn the form of therestricted scope of a 280 characters of a tweet, Elon Musk has shown us theimportance and relevance of emotional intelligence in order to handlingcustomers and their needs. The tweet has manifested how to make a connectionwith the emotional side of the customers.It is no denying that Musk is one of the most vital persons in the currentworld, in respect of both technology and business. He is the successful leadersof companies like Tesla and SpaceX. And, one thing he excels at is using socialmedia to his benefits as well as those of his companies. You may adore him ordespise him, but you can never stop yourself from being impressed by hismastery of the use of social media.

In this tweet dated 26th December, 2017, Musk at first sends outgratitude to all the Tesla customers. He thanked them for keeping their faithin such a project that was deemed impossible by a large number of people andinvestors. Then, he goes on to say how the people at Tesla put in such hugeamounts of efforts and resources in order to manufacture vehicles that peoplewould love; he hopes that they do. Finally, he opens himself to suggestionsfrom the people regarding the ways in which Tesla can further improve.In such a few compact lines, Musk gives us a crucial tutorial about theimplementation of emotional intelligence, which is basically the skill to use youremotions to your advantage. This tweet of his managed to pull off quiet anumber of noticeable things.

A few of these aspects have been discussed briefly below:HeEnsures the Satisfaction of Customers and Subordinates AlikeThis is onething that the tweet succeeds very well in achieving. The beginning of thewrite-up is basically a word of thanks aimed towards the employees andcustomers. He expresses utter gratitude towards all the workers and investorsof Tesla for their dedication and hard work.

He also lets out a shout of thanksto the customers for having faith in his words, and of course, his company.What he intends to do is to mentioning how grateful he is to the people whohelped him and his company during the plethora of challenges that came up. Muskmakes an effort to strengthen ties with people who have supported his “idea”.HeSuggests That He Welcomes CriticismIt may happen toanyone of Musk’s status and influence that they do not entertain any form ofcriticism and suggestions, be it either of positive or negative nature. Butthis is not the case with this man. In the last part of the tweet he welcomespeople’s comments, critiques and complaints. Musk thinks of them as gifts thatwill allow him to grow Tesla further, and meet customer needs with even moreprecision.

HisResponse Rate is Extremely GoodJust posting themessage on Twitter did not mean an end on Musk’s part. Quiet naturally, thispost did welcome a huge response from people from various parts of the world –which ranged from queries regarding a pick-up truck, improved navigationtechnologies, and features regarding the inability of the Bluetooth to connectto smartphones automatically. Even personalities like the co-founder ofFacebook came up with responses.

Musk went on to answer all the complaints andcomments almost as and when they came. The comments actually gave a greatopportunity for Musk to communicate with his customers, and this attitudeimplies his belief that ideas can origninate from anywhere and anyone.https://www.inc.com/justin-bariso/single-tweet-tesla-ceo-elon-musk-taught-major-lesson-emotional-intelligence-leadership.html?cid=landermore