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A lot of people argue about whether the drinking age should be increased or decreased. It should not be decreased because people will drink whether the government increases or decreases the drinking age, so there is no point. A lot of people still drink, no matter what the legal age might be for them; they will still do it somehow. There are a lot of people with drinking problems as there are with marijuana and other type of drugs.

I do not see the point of decreasing the drinking age, as there are so many problems with underage drinking already. Some people get addicted to it once they try drinking alcohol, and they end up consuming it regularly; the law regarding the drinking age does not matter to them. In another words, they really do not care how old they are; they will always consume alcohol, no matter what. This situation can become an even graver problem when couples with other activities, like drunk driving and drug experimentation.  Lowering the drinking age will not solve the problems with underage drinking that already exist and may only create more problems for young adults.      The drinking age should not be lowered because at the age of twenty-one, people are already aware of their actions.  They are old enough to think about whether to drink or not. If they do drink, then they do it, knowing what the consequences might be.

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 I agree that people should be allowed to buy alcoholic drinks at the age of 21. The government should not make any changes at all.  One of the main reasons the drinking age should not be changed is:The traffic safety and public health benefits of the twenty-one minimum drinking age law have been well established, with the Department of Transportation estimating nearly 1,000 lives saved each year as a result.  I strongly support this lifesaving long, and will not consider any effort to repeal or weaken it in any way.

(Congress James L. Oberstar) If for some reason the government decides to lower the drinking age to 18, they will just make the situation even worse because the age of 18 is way too young to start drinking. The public strongly disagrees with efforts to lower the drinking age. According to a survey released on August 19, 2009, by Nationwide Insurance, 78 percent of adults support 21 as a minimum drinking age and 72 percent believe lowering age would make alcohol more accessible to youth.  Allowing teenagers accesses to alcohol would just turn this country upside down. If that happens, many more teenager’s lives would be in danger. They are not old enough to be able to control the alcohol in their bodies, which could raise the number of deaths each year people die from consuming alcohol and driving. An NTSB acting chairman, Mark V.

Rosenker, says that, “age 21 drinking laws are effective in preventing deaths and injuries; repealing them is a terrible idea. It would be a national tragedy to turn back the clock and jeopardize the lives of more teens.”  It would be wise to follow his advice.

   There are a lot of cases where teenagers have lost their lives due to a car accident. Well, if lowering the drinking age to 18, will  eventually increase the number of deaths each year, a lot more than having a car accident when being sober. If that happens, a lot of 18 year old teenagers will drink and drive at the same time and will turn the number of deaths into a chaos especially drinking while driving. When a person  is still 18 years old, we all know that they are still in high school, one year away from graduating. If for some reason,  the government has the idea of lowering the drinking age.

I am pretty sure some of the students who would probably consume alcohol  at the young age will definitely bring alcohol to school, and have the crazy idea of sharing of sharing it with their friends. And the consequences could be serious, probably even dangerous for those people who are not able to control their emotional feelings. Or even worst, there could even be deaths, not everyone are able to control themselves while drinking. According to Pomranz, he more one drinks, the more alcohol one wants.  Lack of thought control could cause one to continue drinking until a person is completely drunk and unaware of his or her own actions.

 Alcohol could also cause organ damage, including damage to the brain in excessive cases (U. S. Department of Health and Human Services). especially if it’s a student who consumes it, it will change the way of thinking, and it will probably slow the brain down from getting education, Henry Wechsler and Bernice Wuethrich tells it as it is. “Studies also show  The alcohol abuse during the teenage years adversely affects areas  of the brain that control decision-making and reasoning skills.

 Alcohol induced pain damage can also result in lower learning during adolescence and adulthood, the authors reports, possibly reducing brain function capability in stressful situations, increasing a desire for pleasure, and locking in or freezing of adolescent patterns of brain functioning”. This is a very powerful reason not to decrease the drinking age to 18. A lot of teenagers will suffer brain damage, and would not be able to learn normally.

     To start drinking at the age of 18, honestly think that it is at a young age to have accesses to alcohol. Because most 18 year old teenagers will definitely take it as a joke or only think about having fun while drinking. But what comes after, are the consequences and Im pretty sure they would not even think about it, until they are completely drunk or after something has happened. When being drunk or tipsy nothing really matters, you would not even feel pain when someone tries punching you, and that is when people lose complete control and end up doing things such as fighting with friends, getting into an emotional arguments, or doing stupid stuffs, like car racing, and a lots of dangerous things. When waking up the next day you will feel bad about what you did and end up regretting it.

That has happened to a lot of people who are 21 and above. Just imagine how an 18 year old will react and the things he or she could do when being drunk. My honest opinion about teenagers drinking, Is that they are not old enough to control alcohol when drinking.

It is a way too young. That is the simple reason why I think drinking age should not be decreased or increased. Always keep it as it is right now.