A mathematics has had significant impacts in other studies

A logical approach is vital in fields such as Accounting, Economics, and finance. Thankfully, Mathematics has been a great passion of mine since childhood and is the language of pure logic and reasoning. The modern global economic challenges require concerted effort through academic research and practice that aim at finding lasting solutions to the problems. In particular my home country of Libya. Libya has witnessed political instability in the recent past, which has shaken the economic foundations of the state. I had gained some knowledge in the economic trends of the country when I secured shadow placements at both the Libyan Investment Authority and Libyan African Investment Portfolio.

Through the subjects, I have studied and my own personal findings, I have begun to understand the significance of Mathematics as the building block for business courses such as Economics and Finance. As such, I have taken a keen interest in studying Mathematics and Accounting at A-level. The significance of Mathematics in these fields cannot be underestimated. Despite the health issues acquired from Rugby that prevented me from completing my studies to a satisfactory level, I never lost motivation and opted to study independently with the aim of not only developing my knowledge in Mathematics but also developing the open attitudes towards challenges that come with the study. Studying mathematics has had significant impacts in other studies such as Economics, Business, and Accounting.

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First, I have developed the skills of critical and logical thinking in solving economic and accounting problems. Secondly, Mathematics study has improved my ability to analyze data and come up with a valid conclusion.  Mathematics problems help one to develop the ability to solve problems logically, using the appropriate steps to arrive at the solution. In this regard, the passion for studying Mathematics has not only helped me to tackle challenging problems not only in other academic fields but also in real life situation.

Studying Economics at A-level has developed my ability to produce models, which I can analyse by their assumptions, to give practical insights into the real world. Besides, it has made understand that there is rarely a right answer to any economic situation but backing up my arguments with concrete quantitative evidence gives meaning to every life challenges. Indeed, the subject has sharpened my ability to critically evaluate information and provide well-structured and disciplined arguments.

Studying Accounting at A-level has developed my ability to resolve problems by first recognizing their nature and then making decisions that deliver the best outcomes. With an adept knowledge of data skills and analysis, I can confidently present arguments, make judgments and justify my recommendations at all stages. Besides, I have learned how to efficiently plan work by prioritizing the demands of various tasks while taking account of the time available to complete every one of them.