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A Novel Adaptation of DistressTolerance Skills Training Among Military Veterans: Outcomes in Suicide-RelatedEvents research article written by Christy A. Denckla is research done toresearch distress and tolerance skills among military veterans, which serves asthe population of the study, based on outcomes of suicide related events.Within this research Dialectical Behavior Therapy also known as DBT was usedduring this study. DBT is an evidence based psychotherapy that has been shownto be very effective in regard to reducing most types of self-harm behaviors.  DBT was very important to this researchbecause it was knowns a problem-solving strategy that helped keep patientsalive, and deemed their longevity as a priority. The hypothesis of this researchstudy is to find out if drop in skill training groups were helping veterans cutdown on the crisis event that made them check into medical facilities. Throughoutthe study 65 veterans who had attended at least one drop-in skills trainingover the year prior, and by the final time, an final number of 8 veteran whodemonstrated suicide-related behaviors. Demographics of this study indicatedthat the veterans had a mean age of participants that was 54 years old, andmajority of the sample was African-American and all participants were male.

Researchers also examined the mental stability of the participants and deemedthat participants suffered from adjustment disorder, PTSD, mood disorders,schizophrenia, and other psychotic disorders. The different variables used weredifferent behavioral outcomes, which consisted of contact with medicalfacilities coined as crisis events, which counted as a suicide-relatedemergency room visits throughout the year. The analysis used was a pairedsample t test to compare pre-and post-crisis events across the sample. Theresults of the sample were shown to be significant and were and it was shownthat results showed a reduction in crisis events during the year after joiningthe drop-in group compared to the initial start. It was significant because theT value that was formed after the paired sample t test was aligned with the hypothesis.The real-world significance ofthis study is that it can due to its small sample size the generalizability ofthis study can be questioned, since it was done on such a small population. Thegender of the veterans also plays a part in the generalization because of the majorityof the sample only being men. The researchers are not aware of what otherinterventions the participants went through, as well as researchers are notable to measure other social support that the veterans may have received.

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Researchers also were not able to accurately calculate the regression of themean and the frequency of crisis events as they moved over time. Lastly, theresearchers were not able to obtain the information about what occurred outsideof the Veterans Affairs office. Many veterans may have endured suicidal thoughtselsewhere and checked in elsewhere. Researchers do not know of this informationand did not take it into account.