A a critical device when learning new information. Knowledge

ASarawakian Assistant Minister has announced an issue, recommending that outsideeducators ought to be brought in to show English in Sarawak. Indeed, with alldue regard I thoroughly can’t help disagreeing with Dr. Annuar Rapaee’s notion,and I thoroughly believe that we don’t have to engage with outside educators toexpand our people’s mastery of English language for few reasons.Firstand foremost, we must not look down on local English teachers. Our localteachers are trained for years to teach English.

Without preparing over classadministration and lessons in English grammar, native speaker is not qualifiedenough to be an instructor. Based on multiple research I’ve done; most nativespeakers often are hired as teachers simply because they are native speakersand not because of their teaching competences. This can result in having ateacher with good language skills, but little or no teaching skills. They maybe able to speak the language but explaining it is an entirely differentmatter. It appears to be absurd to assume that just because someone speaksEnglish they can teach it effectively.

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Accordingto my own friend from Sarawak, José, she never had an experience learning withan English teacher. Despite having a local teacher who speaks with perfect Sarawakiandialect, they can all speak in English, and understand it very well. She alsodid great on her English paper during SPM, and now she is pursuing her studiesin TESL, same as me, all thanks to her teacher.Afurther disadvantage is a foreign English language instructor won’t just bringtheir insight into the language, yet in addition their own particular culturewhich would be unfortunate for our younger since they are still in the phasesof finding their personality. Language is an instrument, and it is a criticaldevice when learning new information. Knowledge are transferred throughlanguage. Yes, there are certain components in the Western culture which weought to gain from; yet the Western culture itself is neither suitable norperfect for us.

I think is better to have local teachers to educate our students.Iam certain that Dr. Annuar Rapaee has only the general population’s bestadvantages on a basic level when voicing out his proposals.

In any case, I firmlymust disagree with the idea because I believe there are still more considerablyessential things to execute in our education framework in order to achieve our maingoal.