NATO has also been accused of beingresponsible for civilian deaths in its military operations, for example in itsintervention in the Libyan Civil War. It has mostly not acknowledged suchallegations nor conducted search into their cause. It would serve NATO better tomake such acknowledgements and recognitions in such situations as otherwise itdefies the very purpose of these interventions that aim to establish peace andput an end to human suffering.

To serve these ends, NATO can assist organizationslike Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to ensure peace and justice.One of the biggest challenges that NATO facestoday is that security threats are no more contained within the geographicalborders of the region, and rather, due to globalization and technology arespread across the globe. Therefore, NATO has to adapt to deal with threatsemanating not just from their own territorial region but also from abroad. Whatwould be challenging here would be to serve its purpose to remove thosesecurity threats from foreign land but do so without compromising with theirsovereign and territorial integrity. Also, a feeling of unity and fraternityneeds to be strengthened today as we see conservative governments coming intopower in the major powerhouses of the world today like the US and the UK. Thesegovernments are mostly inward looking, in some cases rolling back on some oftheir globalized policies (such as Brexit).

It is also important to further theidea of globalization as well as globalism to integrate peace further. To meetsuch needs, it is necessary to not look upon ideas such as the policy of “AmericaFirst” of the President of the United States of America.NATO must continue to strengthen its defenceand military prowess while promoting peace and harmony at the same time. So longthey shall continue to do that, the existence of NATO shall not lose relevance.