To me thischapter backed up a lot of things mentioned in previous chapters regardingthose who they stop, search, arrest and charge for drug offences. As it turnsout, all that is necessary is to give law enforcement officials extraordinary discretionfor those they deem criminals. This showcases that conscious and unconsciousracial bias is allowed free reign.

But, living in a place ruled by law and witha Constitution that protects human rights, shouldn’t injustices be challengedin court? You would assume so, right? In this case the War on Drugs is the silverlining. The courts have made it extremely difficult to bring a lawsuit againstany law officer for bigoted treatment. They demand that everyone who has aproblem involving racial bias with an officer, beforehand have undeniable evidencethat racial differences are the product of intended racial unfairness. I agreewith the statement Alexander makes that no police officer is going to say onrecord that he or she arrest black people for a drug crime because he or shehates black people. In the end, even with hard evidence, the police officerswill always say they are just doing their job to keep society safe from dangerouscriminals.

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In all honesty, I think some of these police officers can be some ofthe most dangerous criminals on the street.