9.0 test phase. Close project management is crucial to

9.0 RESOURCES/ROLES& RESPONSIBILITIES The Test Lead and Project Managerwill determine when system test will start and end.

The Test lead will also beresponsible for coordinating schedules, equipment, & tools for the testersas well as writing/updating the Test Plan, Weekly Test Status reports and FinalTest Summary report. The testers will be responsible for writing the test casesand executing the tests. With the help of the Test Lead, the Booking System/POSManager and cashiers will be responsible for the Beta and User Acceptancetests.

9.1.ResourcesThe test team will consist of:·        A Project Manager·        Developer·        A Test Lead·        Testers·        Booking System/POS Manager·        Cashiers 9.2Responsibilities Project Manager Responsible for Project schedules and the overall success of the project. Participate on CCB. Lead Developer Serve as a primary contact/liaison between the development department and the project team. Participate on CCB Test Lead Ensures the overall success of the test cycles.

He/she will coordinate weekly meetings and will communicate the testing status to the project team. Participate on CCB. Testers Responsible for performing the actual system testing. Booking System/POS Manager Serves as Liaison between customer and project team. He/she will help coordinate the Beta and User Acceptance testing efforts. Participate on CCB.

Cashier Will assist in performing the Beta and User Acceptance testing.  13.0RISKS/ASSUMPTIONS 13.1.

ScheduleThe schedule for each phase is very aggressive and couldaffect testing. A slip in the schedule in one of the other phases could resultin a subsequent slip in the test phase. Close project management is crucial tomeeting the forecasted completion date.13.2. ManagementManagement support is required so when the project fallsbehind, the test schedule does not get squeezed to make up for the delay.

Management can reduce the risk of delays by supporting the test team throughoutthe testing phase and assigning people to this project with the required skillsset.13.3.PersonnelDue to the aggressive schedule, it is very important to haveexperienced testers on this project. Unexpected turnovers can impact theschedule.

If attrition does happen, all efforts must be made to replace theexperienced individual13.4RequirementsThe test plan and test schedule are based on the currentRequirements Document. Any changes to the requirements could affect the test scheduleand will need to be approved by the CCB.14.0 DocumentationThe following documentation will be available at the end ofthe test phase:·        Test Plan·        Test Cases·        Test Case review·        Requirements Validation Matrix·        Defect reports·        Final Test Summary Report 15.0 APPROVALS Name (In Capital Letters) Signature Date 1.