The Warehouse/DC operations Supervisor dependable to facilitate and administer all distribution center exercises on a day by day busis. Under the heading of the Operations Manager, the Supervisor is in charge of overseeing the accepting, warehousing and dispatching of item in a way reliable with organization administration and cost targets.

• Supervise and arrange emptying of inbound shipments. • Orderly stacking of item. • Picking and arranging of outbound shipments as per the most noteworthy conceivable levels of profitability. ?  Supervise a group of client benefit officials who are dealing with getting client demands and requests. ? Insure that operations on the floor are carried on in light of Almadina quality approaches and client are getting their administration in the opportune time. • Verify required inbound/outbound printed material with drivers, guaranteeing that all item is appropriately tallied.

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• Ensure inbound and outbound shipments are precise and free of harm. • Ensure the proficient and safe operation of all materials dealing with hardware. • Ensure that the work routines are accurately executed and that occupations are doled out successfully and finished legitimately. • Maintain item locator framework. Guarantee the ideal usage of room through distribution center union. • Rotate item as fitting. • Maintain a spotless, flawless and systematic work zone. • Assist in keeping up the security of the distribution center.

• Conduct operations in a way that advances security and protects that HSE arrangement is connected and taken after impeccably. • Conduct operations as per OSHA a MSDS norms. • Complete every essential record and reports in an auspicious and precise form.

• Assure the respectability of the stock and help with leading physical inventories. • keeping clear and exact record of transportation archives for future references