This article discusses the importanceof employee engagement on customer loyalty.

Employees who feel fully committedto the organization for which they work for take great pride in doing their job,promoting products, and addressing customers’ needs and wants. In chapter 2,the textbook explains customer excellence as one of the four overarchingstrategies of the marketing mix that develop a competitive advantage. It isachieved when “a firm develops value based strategies for retaining loyalcustomers and provides outstanding customer service.” Positive customer serviceexperiences improve customers’ likelihood to return to a specific brand andincrease the probability they’ll spend more and a positive experience improvescustomer’s overall satisfaction. The article brings up a good point, “if youlook after your staff, they’ll look out for your customers”. This creates aripple effect in the organization; when mangers are engaged, those reportingwill be engaged, and customers interacting with these employees are more likelyto be satisfied. However, this cannot happen if your employees do not realizethe importance of their roles and feel committed to the success of yourbusiness. Viewing both customers and employees in terms of relationships ratherthan transactions is vital to ensuring that customers keep coming back againand again.

Though this may be difficult to maintain, once a marketer has earneda good service reputation it can remain that way for a long time. 


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C. Globalization appeases the international monetary funds, which offers low interest loans to developing world economies.II. Globalization of the community.A. Globalization can be the Industrial revolution or manufactured good.B.

Globalization is positively a good thing to help the developments and future.C. Globalization has a relationship between state and economy or community.

III. Globalization movement.A. Globalization is an idea of the development.

B. Globalization threatens democracy.C. The environmental is protect by the Globalization.There are three waves of Globalization: colonization, development, and trade, each of these waves have a served western interest, culture, and the life.

Globalization is also, the one who created ted an attempt to build on environmental and economic I. Resisting globalization.A. Globalization is a key concept of the process in the world.B. Globalization is a social change and social issues.C. The global development processes by Globalization.

II. Counter capitalism Globalization.A. Globalization helps the culture become more popular by the trade and easier to import or export.B.

Globalization helps everyone have a communication with others across the borders or even from another country.C. Globalization makes trade easier for the countries.III. Globalization and capitalism. A.

Globalization is a monetary fund.B. Globalization has some of the negative impact related to it, like interest and economic of the country.C.

Capitalism is the social economic and political system that exists in most of the countries if is not all.IV. Conclusion.Back then, the Globalization is cane of speed up and become more interconnected. The transportation was not something easy as it is for us today. In the last century, something can take a month to transfer something or travel, but this day it only takes hours, days, or weeks, it depends.