7-Eleven and welcoming environment for other members of staff

7-Eleven Code of Conduct

1. About our Code of Conduct

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The 7-Eleven family prides itself in providing customers with consistently reliable and high quality service, an aim that has helped our brand expand to providing convenience to 18 countries in the world. The vision of 7-Eleven Australia is to become an excellent Australian company that upholds the values of FAIR (Fairness, Accountability, Integrity and Respect) and we won’t be able to achieve our goal without the help of franchisees and employees like yourself. This Code of Conduct has been devised to help our staff better understand their responsibilities as representatives of 7-Eleven and provide guidance on how to uphold the FAIR values with our everyday behaviour at work.

As a 7-Eleven representative, it is your responsibility to read, understand, agree to and follow the 7-Eleven code of conduct in its entirety. If you are in doubt about any information contained in this code of conduct, it is also your responsibility to ask a senior staff member or a Human Resources Manager,

At 7-Eleven, all staff is expected to agree to the following core principles:

·       Act with courtesy, dignity and respect towards everyone you encounter in the course of your employment at 7-Eleven.

·       Contribute to creating a safe and welcoming environment for other members of staff and customers by acting to prevent harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying.

·       Never unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, disability, etc. against anyone you encounter in the course of your employment at 7-Eleven.

·       Engage in behaviour that follows compliance requirements at all times, including not making or receiving improper payments and mismanaging conflict of interest, and report unsafe or unlawful behaviour that breaches this code immediately.

·       Always be presentable and follow our uniform requirements, wear an appropriate name badge, and maintain personal hygiene and grooming.

·       Refrain from making untruthful or denigrating remarks about 7-Eleven, customers, other staff members, suppliers and competitors.

·       Understand that your social media presence as a representative of 7-Eleven should also be in line with our code of conduct.


2. Discrimination

At 7-Eleven, we believe in creating an equitable work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination of any kind as outlined by Commonwealth legislation.


Anti-Discrimination Policy

We acknowledge that our staff, customers, suppliers and contractors are males and females from varied ethnic backgrounds, religious affiliations, sexual preferences, age and political beliefs, and we aim to respect and cherish these differences to create an environment free from discrimination or harassment.


As a 7-Eleven representative, you are therefore asked to comply with Commonwealth legislations by not discriminating on the basis of age; sex; race; disability; industrial activity; lawful sexual activity/sexual orientation; marital, parental or carer status; physical features; political belief; and religious belief.


Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is against the law in Australia, and it’s a harmful practice that greatly impacts the mental and physical health of those involved, as well as harm the effectiveness of an organisation.


As a 7-Eleven representative, you should never engage in the following behaviours:

·       Inappropriately using language such as shouting abuse and ridicule;

·       Using your position of power in a way that might result in the victimisation of others;

·       Resorting to physical violence of any kind, such as hitting and pushing;

·       Making comments of a sexual nature, show explicit material, or engage in unwanted physical contact.

3. Exploitation

7-Eleven Australia franchisees are required to treat all members of staff fairly and respectfully, and should safeguards employee rights as outlined under Fair Work Legislation (2009).


As a 7-Eleven representative, you must not:

·       employ people under the age of 15 or allow people under the age of 15 to carry out any task that could be considered work on the premises of any 7-Eleven business;

·       use any type of forced or indentured labour, including using harassment or status to extort labour from employees;

·       employ any person not lawfully allowed to be employed in Australia, as outlined by immigration legislation, or fail to check the immigration status of employees;

·       require workers to work more than regular and overtime hours allowed under Australian law, including asking persons under work visa restrictions to breach the conditions of their visa to undertake unlawful employment;

·       compensate workers less than the Australian minimum wage, or coerce workers to agree to unlawful payments.


4. Corruption

At 7-Eleven Australia we aim to guarantee that all relationships between staff, suppliers, contractors and stakeholder are lawful and based on the highest professional standards of integrity and fairness. Any breach could seriously impact the reputation of 7-Eleven Australia.


Conflict of Interest

7-Eleven understands that at times employees might find themselves in conflict of interest positions that could have a negative impact on the company. As a 7-Eleven representative you are required to disclose any conflict of interest, such as:

·       having financial or personal interests in a direct competitor’s business, supplier or contractor;

·       having family members employed in a direct competitor’s business, supplier or contractor;

·       being aware of company information that could be used to your personal and/or financial advantage;

·       having received gifts or hospitality from a direct competitor, supplier or contractor.


Anti-BriberyWithin reason, 7-Eleven representatives may accept gifts or hospitality from stakeholders, suppliers and/or contractors in order to contribute to the good working relationship between 7-Eleven Australia and its stakeholders. Acceptable gifts or hospitality might include corporate event invitations, networking invitations, and small gifts of under AUD$200 value. All gifts from stakeholders are to be reported to a manager and recorder on the Gift Register.

Under no circumstances shall 7-Eleven representatives accept gifts of cash, cash equivalent (such as gift cards, gift vouchers or certificates), undisclosed commissions, or gifts of a value over AUD$200.


Under no circumstances shall a 7-Eleven representative make undisclosed donations to any political cause or association. 7-Eleven Australia prohibits political donations made at business level. Any political donation or affiliation shall be approved by the 7-Eleven Board and disclosed according to Australian legislation.


5. Dishonest and Fraudulent Behaviour

Any 7-Eleven Australia representative should strive to maintain the company’s reputation and integrity, and you are therefore expected to be open and honest in all your dealings with the company and in the company’s name.

Dishonest behaviour involves actions that are not consistent with the ethics of 7-Eleven Australia, and includes theft; deliberate waste of company resources, products, or finances; and misappropriation of company resources.

This includes behaviours such as:

·       not disposing of leftover stock lawfully (taking products home, giving products away to family and friends);

·       preventing the sale of products by concealing them to customers;

·       overcharging or undercharging customers;

·       deliberate sale of expired, malfunctioning, not fit for sale products or services.


Fraud involves causing financial loss to the company or the company’s stakeholders through the falsification, concealment, destruction or deliberate misinterpreation of documents. This includes behaviours such as:

·       falsifying time sheets for personal gain;

·       destroying evidence of sales;

·       falsifying balances.


6. Enforcement

This code of conduct is of utmost importance in the achievement of the FAIR (Fairness, Accountability, Integrity, Respect) standards of excellence that 7-Eleven Australia bases its business on. As such, it should thoroughly read, understood, referred to, and enforced.



All 7-Eleven representatives have the responsibility to report behaviour that they reasonably consider to be in breach, or have the potential to breach, of this code of conduct. Your report should include:

·       an observed breach of the code of conduct;

·       a series of incidents that could be the result of a breach of the code of conduct;

·       a reasonable suspicion that a breach has been committed or will be committed.


You should report any matter immediately to any of the follower channels:

·       your manager or supervisor;

·       higher management, including your relevant State General Manager;

·       or contact the 7-Eleven Australia Integrity Helpline at 1800 247 711 or [email protected]



Reports should include sufficient identifying information of the location, members involved and breach, however the reporting party may choose to remain anonymous. Anonymous reports will be investigated in the same manner provided enough information about the allegations can be collected.

Information regarding the reporting party will be handled with the utmost privacy and confidentiality by those asked to investigate the reports. The reporting party is also required not to disclose information regarding allegations of misconduct to third parties.


Only where agreed upon by the reporting party, or where legally required under Australian law, 7-Eleven may disclose information regarding the allegations and/or breach of this code.


False Allegations

If, after being investigated, a claim is found to be false, vexatious, trivial or made in bad faith, the reporting party may be subject to disciplinary action or performance review.


7. Whistleblower Protection

Under Australian law, any retaliatory action taken by a company, or its representatives, against employees who take lawful steps to report misconduct within the company itself is prohibited. At 7-Eleven Australia we value our employees and aim at providing a safe working environment where every misconduct claim is taken seriously and promptly investigated.


7-Eleven Australia is compelled to protect any employee who reports misconduct in good faith or aids someone in raising a concern related to the actual or perceived violation of this code of conduct.


It is against this code for any 7-Eleven representative to discriminate or harass any employee who raises concerns about misconduct (whitleblower). Examples of discrimination or harassment include:

·       demotion or unfair dismissal;

·       loss of opportunity for furthering one’s career or promotion;

·       bias towards the employees involved in the report;

·       any form of victimisation as outlined in Section 2 of this code.


8. Further Information

This code has been developed in conjunction with all relevant company policies, which should be read alongside this code of conduct.


The code of conduct is reviewed regularly and monitored so as to remain consistent with FAIR, effective and relevant.


For further information you may contact the Human Resources Manager for your business or state, or you can email [email protected]