In recent years there is advancement in thesystem performance,technologies in wireless   communications.

Wireless networks need  networks in which mobile nodes can communicateover paths. In MANETs, network survivability is must by which the batteryextent of the nodes get weak. Thus to continue the network period the routingprotocol is needed to raise the energy of the node. Multiple routing protocolssupport routes to flood the packets i.

e., route appeal is directed by the sourceto achieve facts concerning the ways. MANETs can be classified into three generations:first, second and third generations. In 1970’s the ad hoc network firstgeneration are called Packet Radio Network (PRNET). In early 1980’s SurvivableAdaptive Radio Network (SURAN)is evolved from PRNET. The function group ofMANETs made the routing code standardized and resolve the agents like PDA’S,palmtops, notebooks. Few standards like Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11(WLAN’S) aredeveloped to maintain the MANETs.

For several years from 1970’s to 1990’s thereare changes in the generations of MANET i.e., finally some standards are madeto maintain the MANET. Energy efficiency is to be regarded as a factor inMANET. Mainly the packets are transmitted based on the: ·       Distanceof the route·       ResidualEnergy of the node.                     Thus the route that isefficient and possible in transmitting packets can be identified.

Route appealis directed by the source to find the route that is capable. All the ways   that are possible   can be find .The facts about the nodesenergy aligned and the connections are sent over the Route Reply.

At any timethe channel breaks, the Route Error is send. When this happens the sourcetransmit the package through the path to the destination without anyinterruption. This can be done with the multipath routing protocol which are referredto the one path routing protocol.

In one path routing once the link breaks thepackets cannot be transmitted. Whereas in multiple routing other routes can berefered to send the data packets. Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is the algorithmfrom which the fitness function is derivative. Fitness Function is mostly usedto find the optimal path.The optimum route is  the route with:·       Lessdistance and·       Consumesless energy.

              The optimal path minimizes theenergy loss and maximizes the network lifetime. Thus the proposed FF-AOMDVperformance in maximizing the network lifetime is possible compared to theAOMDV.    

TO WHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN It is with immense pleasure that I write this letter ofrecommendation for the truly outstanding Vaibhav Anand. He had been in thisschool since its inception.

In my decade counseling students, it is very rareto encounter a pupil with as much compassion and self-awareness as Vaibhav. Hisresilience, optimism, and valor are chiefly striking given the unusualcircumstances he has overcome in his life. Given the depth of his experiencesand his sophisticated perception of life, Vaibhav has an unusual maturitybeyond his eighteen years.Vaibhav has undergone significant tragedies in his life. Ata very young age (eleven years old) he lost his mother due to meningitis butstill he performed exceptionally well in his studies in subsequent classes andexhibited a profound interest in computers and technology; he would developvirtual machines, code programs in C++, invent scientific operational modelsand take pleasure in solving mathematics. He was the topper in the grade 11 inthe subject Mathematics. However, during high school leaving / final exams(twelfth-grade), Vaibhav’s father had committed suicide, which had affectedVaibhav’s final twelfth-grade exams significantly.

I strongly believe that thegrades earned by him in his final twelfth-grade exams do not evince his truepotential. Throughout these unstable and uncertain times, Vaibhav diligentlydevoted himself to his education while balancing to manage his distressed homecondition, which compelled him to take a gap year (after graduating from highschool in May 2017) to look after his younger brother. He has takenresponsibility for his younger brother along with managing other essentialhousehold responsibilities simultaneously. After keeping all that in mind, I believe Vaibhav is anindustrious young man with great fortitude to withstand such life challengingsituations.

Based on the incredible resilience and infectious enthusiasmVaibhav has shown throughout the setbacks in his life, I have no doubt that hewill not only continue to deal with anything that comes his way but also willthrive with great strength, grace, and an optimistic outlook.