Clinton displays a strong presidential resemblance to George W. Bush. Bush and
Clinton were so tough that very few top-tier candidates were in the race to
challenge them by the time the actual voting process began. One reason that
Bush and Clinton did not have much competition is that they locked up their
support from the party elites. They both also demonstrated early polling leads.

At the start of both Bush’s and Clinton’s campaigns, Bush and Clinton enjoyed
big leads. Both Bush and Clinton ideological profiles appeal to most of their
party. In March of 1999, 83 percent of Republicans said that Bush’s views on the
issues of the time were “about right” according to a poll conducted by ABC
News/Washington Post. In a Fox News survey in 2014, 78 percent of Democrats
said that Clinton’s stances were “about right.” They were both questioned more
frequently than their opponents by the media. And probably the biggest
resemblance between the two was that they both know what it takes to be
President of the United States. Since both came from presidential families,
their announcement of running wasn’t a huge stock to the American voters. And I
believe that many voters were more comfortable voting for their campaign than
their opponents because they both already had a glimpse of what it is like in
the White House. What made Bush near invincible in his campaign is that combined
his ideological fit with his electability. Doing this not only makes party
leaders more likely to support a candidate, but it also makes voters more
likely to stand behind that person.

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