With over 25 years ofprofessional career dedicated to the personal image, Manuel Mon owns twohairdressing salons in the capital of Asturias, Oviedo, where he provides his services together with his team of 15employees. Basing his work on detail, technique and imagination, this craftsmanexcels in his work as an image consultant, colorist, creator of styles andhairpiece, as well as in his stylings for bride and ceremony, widelyrecognized.Manuel Mon has carried out amultitude of formative actions, parades and galas of presentation of tendenciesin hairdressing at national and international level.

In this area, he is alsonotable for his work as a stylist for different fashion and photography firms,such as Style Aristos, Monica Cordera, Tete by Odette, Zaitegui and NicolásNovias, among others, or his collaboration as an official stylist at FICARQ -International Festival Of Cinema and Architecture.Manuel Mon is creator of hisown collections with worldwide diffusion in magazines of great prestige. He hasseveral national and international awards: FigaroAward Vanguard category 2014, Spanish Country Winner Style Master 2012, GlobalWinner Style Master 2012, competing with representatives from 27 countries,Fashion Designer of the Spanish Hairdressing-Intercoiffure Mondial and theTitle Of Knight of the Order of the Cavalry-Intercoiffure Mondial, granted bothin Paris. Manuel Mon is the only Spanish hairdresser who has 6 consecutive pre-nominations to Spanish Hairdresser of the Year byClub Fígaro Peluquería Creativa being finalist in 3 occasions.

Finalist inthe years 2013 and 2014 in the AIPP in the avant-garde category. Finalist AIPPavant-garde with the ABBYS collection created jointly with Gonzalo Zarauza. In2016 has been appointed creativedirector of Intercoiffure Spain and in November of 2017, and after 6nominations, Manuel Mon is named SpanishHairdresser of the Year 2017/18 by the Club Figaro. He is currently theBrand Ambassador of the prestigious extension firm Elegance Hair Extensions.

The slammerworm is one of the earliest discovered malware in the computer world thatinfected over 90% of the vulnerable computers within ten minutes and hencecausing severe disruption to nearly all the sectors of the society. The uniqueattribute of the malware is its speed to spread within the vulnerable computersand thus making it a dangerous work in the computer history.

The attackmechanism of the worm is by using random scanning to select an IP addressrandomly and infecting the vulnerable computers at a breakneck speed. The wormthen spreads exponentially and replicates by bandwidth consumption hencecausing site-specific variation within the system. Despite the worm not havinga malicious payload, it affected the system by overloading its networks andconsequently causing the servers to fail therefore resulting in completefailure in the computer system. Slammer worm takes advantage of the host byexploiting a buffer-overflow vulnerability in the computers that are installedwith internet running on Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) 2000 or theMicrosoft’s SQL Server.

    Slammer worm is a speed worm, and hence itspreads to other networks by the scanning technique and exploits the payloadsince it has a limited bandwidth, which enables it to affect a vulnerablecomputer which in turn transmits the packets. However, due to its speed, theworm was stopped by automating worm defense hence making it effective inreducing the variability of the computers. Additionally, the technique ofhuman-mediated filtering is useful in reducing the scan traffic and thusstopping the propagation of the worm to other systems, but the ultimate defenseis to develop techniques and updated tools to help ensure they respondautomatically to the treat.