Japanis a country that began to modernize itself through time; many of its productsrange from technology, automobiles, seafood, pop culture, copper, steel, andmuch more. Japan is now an economic powerhouse due to its current advancementsin the industry of electronics.  TheJapanese are very particular when dealing with new products, discoveries, andtechnology. They like to analyze, test, learn and become experts.

Theirbehavior on becoming experts gives foreigners a feeling of assurance and truston any possible investments there. Therefore, my topic proposal is about how tostart an established business in Japan.             In many businesses, there arepositive and negative effects to establishing a business in a foreign country.

However,Japan provides a great opportunity to start an established business. Once thebusiness has been established, it is important the owner has some knowledge ofthe Japanese language. Learning and putting effort into Japanese language isimportant because the people are proud of their ethnicity and they want to feelinclusive.

  In order to succeed inestablishing a business in Japan, one must enjoy the lifestyle that the countryhas to offer. One of thegreat advantages that Japan offers is their infrastructure. Japan has thefastest bullet train in the world and this will make transportation from cityto city quickly and efficiently.  Japanis also the third largest market in the world, which means that there ispotential for investment.

In addition, there are sophisticated consumers withhigh purchasing power. Japan is the main place for technological innovation andproduct development. Some of the sectors that are the most popular to start inJapan are: future energy systems, healthcare, automotive parts, retail ICT, andbiotechnology. In order to have a successful business in Japan, one must learnto the beliefs and values of the Japanese and to be open-minded.