50 improve learning capacity and fine motor skills, help

50Superfoods Foodis very crucial to have a healthy body and sound mind. It is essential thatsuperfoods be included in the daily diet to get the maximum nutrients the bodyneeds. Here are 50 superfoods and why they are worth eating: 1.   AlmondsHealth benefits of almond include weightloss, lower risk of heart disease, protect against type 2 diabetes, and boostenergy and rich in antioxidant. 2.

   Apples Apple is a high-fiber low-calorie fruitthat helps keep unwanted pounds off and promoted a healthy digestion. It alsohelps stimulate saliva, which reduces tooth decay. Moreover, it has possiblecancer-protection properties, help reduced risk of diabetes in women and fightagainst Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases. 3.

   AvocadoHealth benefits of avocado includeincreased healthy blood flow, lower blood pressure and reduced the risk ofhypertension, higher cognitive functioning, reduced bad cholesterol andprevention of cancer because of phytochemicals. 4.   BlackberriesThis fruit is notable for the significantcontents of dietary fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. The benefits of blackberryare cancer prevention, promote healthy skin, makes bones strong and healthy,source of folate essential for pregnancy, healthy heart and more immunity. 5.   Blueberries Research said that blueberries may reduceage-related symptoms from dementia. Also blueberries help improve learningcapacity and fine motor skills, help regulate blood sugar and combat freeradicals.

 6.   BroccoliBroccoli is high in carotenoids andsulforaphane, which helps the body rid itself of cancer-causing chemicals. Alsoit aids in reduction of tumor growth, good for the heart, helps maintain weightand aids better digestion due because of high fiber content.  7.   Brussels SproutsLike broccoli, it contains sulforaphane, aphytochemical that has the potential to combat cancer. Other health benefitsinclude anti-inflammatory properties, detoxification agent, reduce cholesteroland support the cardiovascular system. 8.   Buckwheat pastaBenefits of buckwheat include a lower riskof diabetes, improved cardiovascular health, reduced the chance of breastcancer, and boost weight loss.

 9.  CarrotsCarrot is very richin beta-carotene, which is partly metabolized into vitamin A. It is also a goodsource of vitamin K and vitamin B6.

Carrots also have the lutein andzeaxanthin carotenoids characteristic, essential in vision and eye health. Other benefitsinclude helps regulate blood sugar, improve immunity, carotenoids help preventcancer and helps maintain beautiful skin. 10.   CilantroCilantro is a greatherb for diet. It also contains antioxidants, helps improve cardiovascularhealth, lower blood sugar levels, reduced anxiety and discomfort and improve qualityof sleep. 11.

   CoconutoilBenefits of coconutoil include a possible reduction in seizures, reduced hunger, helps fightbacteria and infections, increased energy and therapeutic for some braindisorders. It also hydrates the skin and blocks damage from harmful ultravioletrays. 12.   DarkChocolateDaily consumptionof dark chocolate was linked to the reduction of nonfatal strokes and heartattacks. Other benefits include chances of reduced blood pressure andinflammation, lower chance of blood clots, improve cognitive function and mood.

 13.   DriedMulberriesMulberries are richin vitamins and nutrients but low in calorie content.  Benefits of mulberries include weight loss,stroke prevention, potential cancer prevention, increased ability of the bloodto carry oxygen in the body and protect the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays. 14.   EggsEggs are the cheapest source of protein as well asantioxidants.  Choline found in eggs isessential nutrient in liver function. 15.   Extra-VirginOlive OilBenefits of regularconsumption of EVOO are reduced risk of heart attack, reduced cholesterol andblood sugar levels, reduced risk of breast, digestive and respiratory diseases.

 16.   FlaxseedIt is rich inomega-3 fatty acids that are good fats needed to have healthy heart. Flaxseedalso has antioxidants that help fight cancer causing free radicals.

 17.   FishOilFish oil from wildfatty fish like tuna, salmon and sardines are good because help in digestion.Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that promote brain health. Otherbenefits include avoid irritable bowel syndrome, provide lean proteins thatfuel the body without added weight, possible cancer prevention and increasedcardiovascular health. 18.

   GarlicAside from possiblecancer prevention, other benefits of garlic include weight control, psoriasisand cold sores treatment, common cold prevention and promote healthy hairgrowth. 19.   GingerGinger is famous intraditional medicine for curing stomachaches and help speed up digestion. It isalso a natural pain reliever, anti-cancer agent, cognitive enhancer, nausearemedy and menstrual symptom reliever.

 20.   GojiBerriesGoji are a greatsource of protein but low in calorie. It is a good diet food that boosts immuneand nervous systems, and increased brain and muscle functionality.

 21.   GrapefruitLike any citrusfruits, it offers high in vitamin C, which helps boost the immune system andreduced the risk of heart-related problems. Other benefits are cancerprevention, protection from Alzheimer’s disease, liver detoxification, lowercholesterol and possible breast cancer prevention. 22.

   GreekYogurtConsuming plainyogurt reduced risk of osteoporosis and vaginal infections. It also helpsstabilize blood sugar levels, promote gut and digestion and improve immunesystem. 23.

   GreenTeaGreen tea is famousfor weight control and reducing risk of cancer. It is also said to increasebrain and cognitive ability and reduced risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’sdiseases.  24.   HempSeedHemp seed is richin essential amino acids and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid balance, allcontributes to a healthy brain. Other benefits are reduced gas and bloating,improved immune system, stability of omega fatty acids, has no phytic acid thatprevents effective absorption of minerals and contains digestible protein thatfuel the body.  25.

   HoneyHoney is a naturalremedy to sooth coughs or aching throats. It is also used to treat indigestionor acid flux, antibacterial to fight off viruses, help boost the immune system,a possible relief for seasonal allergies and possibility of preventing lowwhite blood cell count. 26.   KaleKale is rich invitamin C that boosts natural collagen and high in copper that protects skinfrom exposure and inflammation. Other benefits include promotion of cellgrowth, increased scalp circulation, reduced bloating, and increased cognitivehealth because of omega-3 fatty acids and healthy heart due to high carotenoidcontent.

 27.   KiwiKiwi is rich inantioxidants and vitamin C, which improves immune health. Other benefitsinclude protection of oxidative damage, assist with digestion, remove toxinsfrom the body, reduced intestinal issues or constipation and help manage bloodpressure level. 28.   LentilsLentils are rich insoluble fiber which helps in digestion regulation. It also help reduce the riskof heart disease, help stabilize blood sugar level, increased energy, weightloss and low cholesterol because lentils are a low calorie, high nutrient food. 29.   MangoHighly rich invitamin C, vitamin A and copper, a mango is good to the immune system.

It alsopromotes a healthy heart and has antioxidants that are essential to fightcancer cells. Moreover, mango is good for the eyes and contains pyridoxine,which is needed for the production of certain hormones in the brain. 30.   MangosteenThis fruit containsantioxidants called xanthones that inhibits tumor growth.

It also has memoryimproving capabilities and fights acne. 31.   OatsThis is high insoluble fiber, which absorbs bad cholesterol in the digestive track. Consumingoatmeal also reduced the chance of high blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugarlevels, provides antioxidant that fights free radicals, prevents arteries fromhardening and reduced the chance of breast cancer.  32.

   OnionOnions are helpfulin the promotion of healthy hormone functions as well as reduction of acquiringfood-borne illnesses. It also has cancer prevention properties, help enhanceimmune system and protect cardiovascular and nervous system. 33.

   OrangesBoost immune systemwith vitamin C found in oranges. It also contains citrus limonoids that helpprevent cancer, soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol, potassium to increaseheart health, polyphenols that fights infections and hesperidin, which helpsregulate blood pressure. 34.

   PapayaIt is rich in key flavonoidsthat are essential to fight cancer cells. Carotenes also help prevent oralcavity and lung cancer. It assists in blood pressure control and the enzymefibrin helps prevent blood clots. Its anti-amoebic characteristic contributesto regular bowel movements and healthier digestion. It is also widely used forskin whitening products. 35.   ParsleyNutritional powersof parsley include healthy immune system, reduced damage to cell by freeradicals, reduced bloating and risk of heart attack and reduced chances ofurinary tract, kidney and bladder problems.  36.

   PeppermintPeppermint has beenan effective natural remedy for indigestion, stuffy nose, irritable bowelsyndrome symptoms, nausea and tension headaches. 37.   PineappleThis fruit is veryrich in dietary fiber, vitamin C and bromelain that improve digestion. Otherbenefits include increased immune functions, lower cholesterol level, andreduced free radical in the body, reduced symptoms of sore throat or gout andhas anti-inflammatory characteristics that reduce the chance of bronchitis. 38.   PomegranatesPomegranates arerich in fiber content, which support digestive regularity.

Benefits of eatingpomegranates include reduce bad cholesterol, improve blood flow, hasdisease-fighting antioxidants and slows the growth of prostate cancer. 39.   SauerkrautAny fermented foodis healthy and good for digestion. Additional benefits of sauerkraut includehigh fiber content, cures oily skin, rich in anthocyanin and vitamin K thatpromotes healthy brain and helps detox the body.

 40.   SeaweedSeaweed is rich innutrients but exceptionally low in calories. The health benefits of seaweedinclude prevention of high blood pressure and regulation of hormones; aids inslow digestion; strengthen the mucus that protects the wall of the gut, and;detoxification properties that help fight cancer. 41.   SpinachThis supervegetable is rich in flavonoids which are essential to fight cancer cells andinflammation in the body. It also aids in strengthening of bones and protectagainst eye disease.

It helps boost the brain with omega-3 fatty acids and theimmune system with high content of several essential vitamins. 42.   SpirulinaThis is an algarich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. Known benefits are healthy heart,healthy immune system that could help the body prevent or fight disease,possible protection from allergic reactions, reduced chances of liver disordersand oral cancer. 43.   SweetPotatoSweet potatoes arerich in vitamins C and A that helps boost the immune system and repair tissues.

Other benefits include help regulate blood sugar, has antioxidants that wardoff cancer cells, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. 44.   TartCherry JuiceThis juice has theability of absorb the most oxygen free radicals and has cancer and otherdisease prevention properties.

It also promotes healthy cardiovascular andimmune system, increased brain function, faster recovery from physical fatigueand healthy sleep pattern.  45.   TomatoesTomatoes areexceptionally rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that helps battleagainst cancer. It also helps preserve brain and nerve tissues, reduced badcholesterol, good for the heart, and aid in sleep and memory. 46.

   TurmericRich in antioxidantcurcumin, turmeric also has antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. It canalso reduce symptoms of upset stomach, osteoarthritis pain and possible reliefof skin cancer. 47.   WalnutsWalnut is alsocalled food for the brain because of its high omega-3 fatty acids content,which promoted brain functions. Other benefits include, high level ofantioxidants that prevents cancer, lower blood pressure, higher energy levelbecause if iron, manganese and zinc, and skin and membrane protection fromvitamin E.  48.   WaterAmong the things weconsume, water is said to be the queen of the ball.

This is because water aidsin efficient food passage through the system and promoted a balanced digestion.Other benefits include clearer and smooth skin, reduced intake of caloriesespecially if water is taken before a meal, better kidney health, reducedmuscle fatigue and efficient flushing of toxins from the body. 49.

   WheatGrassBest enjoyed byjuicing like parsley, wheatgrass has the following benefits: slows the agingprocess, help diminish the impact of harmful bacteria that help the body fightdisease, purify the body of toxins especially the liver, aids in balanced sugarlevel and promotes healthy heart and better blood flow.  50.   WildSalmonWild-caught salmonis rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for proper brain function.

Other benefits include anti-inflammatory properties, less chance of stroke,heart attack, high blood pressure and heart arrhythmia. It also helps reducedthe risk of chronic eye and macular degeneration and improve the mood.