4.2 the campaign used offline channel while filming the

Marketing Communication Strategy

Firstly, Ad Council used programmatic and AI (Artificial Intelligence)
to use data and serve campaign to increase the targeting and executing the campaign
at the right time. The Ad Council well understood the uniqueness of social
marketing so in-depth research has been conducted even by using technology. In
the interview with Laurie Keith, Director of National Media Accounts at the Ad
Council, he said that “the power of
programmatic technology is really fascinating for a company like ours, where
the calls to action in out ads are not to buy a product, but instead are
behaviour change.”.  (Jabbar, 2015)

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In addition to it, the Ad Council
showed that how technology can be used to empower their campaign for social
good. The main platforms which Ad Council used are YouTube, Facebook and their
own website. As the target audience is Millennials, they mainly focused on
social media and also used the cross-channel strategy to promote the campaign.
Firstly, the campaign used offline channel while filming the video outdoor with
the event. Secondly, the social media is used as the most essential element of
the campaign. They uploaded video on YouTube on the first step, and shared it
through Upworthy’s Facebook page. It increased the engagement including shares,
comments, reposts and likes, and it reached 40 million views in just two days
as a result. (The shorty Awards, 2017) They also used the
hashtag #LoveHasNoLables to be associated with the campaign by showing the
agreement of the key message, and this made the campaign more viral.


Thirdly, they collaborated with large
companies and non-profit partners to spread the campaign more. The large brands
agreed to unite for the key message of marketing removing their own logos on
Facebook and sharing the viral film, such as the Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo, P,
Unilever, Allstate and State Farm. As a result, the followers of those big
grands could notice the social marketing campaign and helped to increase the
awareness. Also, non-profit partners supported as well including The Perception
Institute, the Southern Poverty Law Centre and the Anti-Defamation League. (Nudd, 2016) Fourthly, the online
website is also highly used as another online channel, and it gave more chances
to understand campaign deeply.


Campaign Result

Under the assumptions that some people do not notice their unconscious
bias about what is normal people and that some are not interested in the issue,
this campaign is launched the campaign to increase awareness of the existing
discrimination and educate the proper behaviour. Overall, the campaign was very
successful and well executed with an excellent result.


and frequency

The total of view was over 160 million times and it became the
second most viewed video on 2015. (The Shorty Awards , 2017) It reached to more than 42 million views on
YouTube and 41 million views for the original video uploaded by Upworthy, which
was shared on Facebook with over 71 million views in the first 4 days. (Shayon, 2015) As the result, it became
the second most viral video on Facebook and the fourth most viewed video on YouTube.
The hashtag #LoveHasNoLabels has been used over 30,000 times and it generated
over 110 million potential impressions. (The Shorty Awards , 2017) The campaign went
very viral and spread over the internet. The campaign reached over 1.3 million
in organic reach across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (HelpGood,
and had 1.7 million likes and 2.6 million shares. (Newberger,
Big influencers such as  Michelle Obama,
Geroge Takei, Deepak Chopra and Mario Goetz agreed with the key message and shared
this campaign as well. More than 1,000 people’s stories are shared in the
social gallery on their website. (The Shorty Awards , 2017) They got awarded a
total of eight Cannes Lions across various categories including Cyber (Online
Video: Social Vedio and Web Campaign), Direct (Public Awareness Messages and
Use of Digital Marketing), Outdoor (Live Advertising & Events), and
Titanium and Integrated (Ad Council, 2017) and additionally
received 11 Clio Awards (The Shorty Awards , 2017)  and the Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial
in LA. (Nudd, 2016)



The media also started to talk about this campaign including CNN,
The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, LA Times and so on, generating over 1
billion media impressions to increase awareness of unconscious bias. (The Shorty
Awards , 2017)


The lovehasnolabels.com website had more than 2.7 million visits.
After the campaign, the percentage of people who agree that ‘they can create
more accepting and inclusive environment, has been increased from 61% to 71%. (CISON PR
Newswire, 2016)
Also, it showed the campaign was very successful in behaviour change. The Ad
Council selected Pandora’s advertising solution called ‘Sponsored Listening’ to
boost the campaign to achieve engagement with the target audience. As a result,
the lift in Ad Awareness among adults 18+ was +52%, and even reached to +72%
lift in Ad Awareness among Young Millennials, aged 18-24 who are main target
audience. Consequentially, the main goal of campaign was very successful as 63%
lift among Young Millennials wanting to learn and research more on the topics
of diversity and inclusion according to the study conducted by a Millward Brown
Digital. (Pandora For Brands, 2016)


Challenge of the Campaign                      

As the aim of a social marketing
campaign is to change people’s behaviour in a positive way, the interventions
should have clear and measurable behavioural goals. While the  majority of American people consider
themselves unprejudiced, it could be the challenge to make people notice these
unconscious biases and make their behaviour stop them. (Ad Council,
It is not easy to raise attention to discrimination or biases because they are implicit,
hidden, and invisible. (EveryAction, 2017)