4.0 we use -KIV- Puzzle The puzzle game is

4.0 DETAILS OF EVENT            4.1 Food Type of food Explanation Souvlaki wrap : steak Souvlaki is a Greece fast food that contain small bits of meat or vegetables that is skewered and grilled. The souvlaki wrap steak has small pieces of beef meat, salad, tomato, French fries, and onions wrapped using wrap tortilla. Then, it will be baked and served.

Souvlaki wrap : paprika The souvlaki wrap paprika has small pieces of chicken meat, egg, salad, tomato, French fries, onions and cheese wrapped using wrap tortilla. Then, it will be baked and served the same as the souvlaki wrap paprika.              4.

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2 Beverage Type of Beverage Explanation Vertzami A type of red wine made from dark-skinned grape that is produced around the Ionian island of Lefkada. For this red wine, we replace it with grape cordial to make sure the Malaysian can drink it. The reason we use the red wine is because the people of Greece love to drink red wine with the souvlaki. It is a good combination for them.                 4.3 Games Type of Game Explanation Knucklebones Knucklebones is a type games in traditional Greece played with 5 smalls objects. This type of game also are common in Malaysia which is known as “Batu Seremban”.

For this event, we use -KIV- Puzzle The puzzle game is a type of game that needs the player to assemble the small pieces of a picture that has already been divided to many odd or similar shaped pieces. We use the images of famous historical architecture in Greece. This is to encourage the player know and familiar the historical building of Greece.  4.

4 Rules and regulation.            4.4.1 Knucklebones            Knucklebones is a gamethat use 5 smalls object             4.4.2 Puzzle            The lawns bawl wasoriginally a sport played in a team or individually.

Instead of using thenormal jack and bias bawls, we have decided to give the game a little twist byusing a coconut as bias bawls and tennis ball as the jack, but keeping theoriginal concept of the game.             Each team areconsisting of two players and each player will be given three coconuts. Thegame umpire will start the game by rolling the jack bowls into the rink(playing area). The jack will become the target for player. The first playerwill roll two bawls following by the first player of the opponent team. Theplay continues in this manner for both second player.            In the second round ofthe game, each player will roll their remaining one coconut (bias bawls) to thejack.

The nearer the coconut to the jack, the higher the score gained by theplayer. The team with highest total score will be named as the winner.