The only timeit stopped raining was when John Doe surrendered himself and took them for atrip in a bright lit hell like desert. The technique of chiaroscuro is frequently used in conjunction withdifficulties such as bars or rails that assists to frame the morality of thecharacters and foreshadow their fates. In this scene, a barrier conceals Johndoe capturing him to communicate to the audience that he is the ‘bad guy’. Incontrast with Detective Somerset he is presented of all confining devices whichtells the audience that he is the ‘good guy’.

On the other hand, it becomesinteresting when the camera shots showing that Detective Mills is both at timesobstructed behind bars and sometimes not, which can be questioned that isDetective Mills a bad guy? The imagery of the bars when showing Mills canconnote the ‘grey area’ of his morality also foreshadowing his fate where wefind out in the final scenes of the film.