To conclude, the concept of performance can beseen as a lens to study the world and Victor turner’s model of social drama provesthis as his theory can be clearly applied to everyday life as he identifies howperformances are predominant to human understanding. The nature of ArtificialIntelligence dominating the world and trying to replace humans has caused theultimate fear amongst society, in which now for many years has spread acrossand in media material. The formation of the script and the production of the finalperformance piece created by my group and I have reflected the four stages of Turner’stheory of social drama successfully, as well as bringing aspects from AmiriBaraka’s play “A Black Mass”, a subversion of the Prometheus myth: adetournement. Other theories may suggest that the ideaof performances seek to reinforce and communicate our identities in society.All in all, the concept of performance theory enables us to recognise howindividuals act and react in society, which my group’s script and finalperformance encounters.