Determinationandhard work aredefiningaspectsof my character thathelp me in achievingthegoalsIset.Everytime I take up anynew task,I workhard with determination toensuremy success.

Thesetraitsof my character haveaidedme inreaching themilestonesI havetargeted.Ibelievethat knowledge isthe best source of investment thatpays huge returns in the long run.Thus my short term goal would be to get an MBA from Schulich Schoolof Business and then to be appointed a mid-level manager role in oneof the leading consulting firms. The work experience I currently haveis hugely inclined towards consulting domain which when coupled withthe education I receive from world class faculty in Schulich wouldboost my chances of pursuing my goal. Moreover all leading consultingfirms value an MBA from Schulich due to its best quality of studyalong with diversity of class profile and that would guarantee me aprofile as per my aspiration.

Inthe long run I would want to work in some senior role of a leadingorganization. The experience I gain from my post MBA working domainalong with the leadership skills I would have acquired from SchulichI would be able to achieve my goal. By doing this I would fulfill mychildhood dream of being a successful person in life. After workingfive years in the senior role of an organization I would start my ownbusiness as through my years of hard work I would have accumulatedenough capital to invest for my own venture. I believe in the factthat one can bring out the best for you when you are doing somethingin which end result is directly associated to your development. Ialso would indulge in charity as I believe as a successful individualit is important to give back to the society.

AsI have already mentioned, I am an extremely determined person. I setclear targets, and I am convinced that come what may, I will do mybest to succeed.