As world population is increasing day-by-day, demand for electricity also increase with enormous rate, power generation from renewable sources of energy is more common like power generation from hydroelectricity in mountain areas, and power generation from fossil fuels are in demand and also the major cause of greenhouses gases. In past many years’ power generation industries install many power plants and transmission system to match the daily increase in electricity demand by human population. And good working sites for new power plants are became limited day by day, due to many mining activities, environmental concerns and development of Rurales areas.

A proper and suitable site selection for any power plant plays a crucial role in their performance, efficiency, electricity cost, effect on environment, distribution and transmission systems. Hence installation of new power plants on a suitable location / site is an important as pact for many environmental and technical factors. GIS (geographical Information System) plays a crucial role in site selection for solar thermal power plants, it uses a decision making tool which uses many data combination layers by water resources, electric network availability and more. This case study deals with the site selection for solar thermal power plant (both concentrating and non-concentrating type), which site is suitable for which type of plant technology.

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Important factors for site selection

Suitable site selection for solar thermal power plant is important for its efficiency and many other factors came in role during the installation of plant. It is never possible to get all desirable working condition and all components under a single roof, but getting as maximum as possible by proper site selection.

There are many factors that neened in account while selecting a site for power plant are given below.

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