1            Conclusion and Future work on my ProjectOur android application is related to onlinetechnician finder in Attock. Our application functional complete all therequirement of my project like user can search any technicians any time fromhis current position and also any technician can easily enter his business inour application. This is a good opportunity for technicians to register hiswork on our online technician finder application.Some improvement is possible in our androidapplication related to technician our android application currently on registertwo types of technician which is electrician and plumber. If we add all typesof technician in our android application our android application will gain oneof the great ratings. 7.

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2 Future Work Ideas7.2.1 Idea 1In future we will add the search box in our androidapplication for searching technicians currently when you search our applicationwill show all types of technician like plumber and electrician then you need tocheck the technician which is required clicking on marker.7.2.

2 Idea 2In future we also need to add the star rating method in ourandroid application because when       weadd the star rating method in our application then user will easily know whichtechnician is   working good or which isnot good or fair through rating. 7.2.3 Idea 3In future we may need to include a specific time for technicianif technician don’t reach at a time to customer home then customer is eligibleto tell admin that technician never read my home at time for doing this faketechnician will be deleted from our android application.       References1 Dechiraju, Kalyan. (2015 March 05). A smart way to add Login functionality toyour Android app.

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