CaseScenario2 year back I visitedto dairy farm of one of my relative there I saw the practice of injecting oxytocinto cattle before lactating to increase production of milk getting more profitby selling more milk with knowing its harm full effect Andthe obtaining of oxytocin does not need any prescription and is simply obtainableeven on a general store of Town. On 7th of January I read an article on express tribune that governmentis taking action on injecting oxytocin to animal. Introduction Oxytocin (OT) is infused to cattle for milk production, has turned into a typical practice among dairy farmers in Pakistan, and I am the eye witness of it.

it is scientifically proven that  long run use of this milk can cause adverse health problem professionals have pointed out that practice of this drug usage can cause hormonal imbalance in humans The practice of injecting oxytocin to animals is wrong because this cause milk production  painful for cattle’s and also sinks the lifetime of the animal.   Body In Pakistan, regrettably oxytocin is being used carelessly. Oxytocin cause early puberty in children. The age at which girls reach menarche has come down harshly from 16 to 10 years of age.  Boys are identified with gynaecomastia (breast development).

 Kids are most vulnerable to its effects and caused hearing deficiency and weak eyesight. usage of this milk by the expecting women may lead to abortion and babies may born with malformations and low disease fighting levels An injection induced cows to produce more milk has been banned across the country after the Supreme Court of pakistan  Conclusion ·        Useof oxytocin in cattle’s for milk production should be forbidden·        Strict checking policy should be planned andimplement.·        Oxytocin should not be obtainable without the prescription.