3.7 12′ W x 7.5′ H 11.5 feet 45-50

3.7 Features required for classroom design   The design and layout of classrooms in the university influences, to a certain extent, teaching and learning that must be fully studied.Poor planning can be a scene for an issue that will be an unexpected event in the future and with developments.For example, the presence of columns in the design and its position may impede the display of teaching space, or the design of the door or window.

As well as the faulty design of the screen and display wall. Shape, direction and size of classroom designRequirements SpecificationsThe preferred format for the class Square.Favorite dimensions 4 x 3 ratios (length by width).Wall Specifications The door must be opposite the teaching wall on one side of the Room or otherAbsorb the classroom seats The student seats must accommodate a minimum of 18 “/ personRoom dimensions Classroom footage is determined according to the number of students expected as a maximum to accommodate the classroomSquare footage per student Layouts based on the space required for student seating, student movement, hallways,Movement and other factors.

Classroom Layout 32 sq. ft. per seat averageTable 5 Shape, direction and size of classroom design. Ceiling HeightThe height of the ceiling is based on the ability of the classroom to accommodate grade requirements, Must be high enough to accommodate the blackboard or display. The ceiling height requirements vary from seminar rooms, classrooms, Inside the building .How is the ceiling height measured?The roof is measured from the final floor above the final floor to the finished ceiling. 11.6 to 12 from the final floor to the final ceilingDistance to Last Row of Seats      Minimum Screen Size (16:10 Aspect Ratio)      Minimum Ceiling Heightup to 15 feet                                                  48″ W x 30″ H                                                                            8 feet15-20  feet                                                      70″ W x 40″ H                                                                    8 feet20-25 feet                                                     80″ W x 50″ H                                                                       8 feet25-30 feet                                                    96″ W x 60H                                                                         9 feet30-35 feet                                                 112″ W x 70″ H                                                                      10 feet 35-40 feet                                                  128″ W x 80″ H                                                                       11 feet  40-45 feet                                                 12′ W x 7.

5′ H                                                                        11.5 feet  45-50 feet                                                  13.5′ W x 8.5′ H                                                                    12.5 feet  50-55 feet                                                     14.5′ W x 9′ H                                                                       13 feetTable 6Ceiling Height StandardsFlooringIn the design of classroom classrooms it is important to look at the long-term floors. They have to be modular and have standard qualities and high quality, to withstand environmental factors or any influential external forces should also be easy cleaning.

Hard floors are preferred 12 x 12 inches41 421 Lightening We studied that if we changed the lights from normal lumps or neon’s to led panels we will save power and it will make the light more comfort to the eye by the angel of lightning and the color and the temperature of the color 36  Figure ?3.21angel of lightinging and color tempretureElectricity Usage Conventional And LED Exit Sign Incandescent Exit Sign 40 watt 2 bulb sign LED Exit Sign 5 watt 2 bulb signElectricity Use per year 350.4 kWh 43.8 kWhCO2 emissions per year @ 1.3 Ibs/kWh 455.52 Ibs 56.

94 IbsCost of unit … $57Maintenance Cost per year @ 3 incandescent replacements/year $22 hr labor cost $33 …Cost Over 52 weeks Cost of electricity @ $0.11/kWh $38.54 $4.82PaybackNot including installation costs/including maintenance savings … 10 monthTable 2 Led vs.

incadndescent exit sign 37Natural lightning provide the mental and visual stimulation necessary . Utilizing natural light can lead to substantial energy savings.Spaces outfitted with daylight-sensing controls can reduce the energy used for electric lighting by 20  percent to 60 percentlighting in the Industrial Engineering Department                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Lighting has a great impact on students, faculty and staff. With modern lighting technology and lighting design, Campus can be a dynamic and effective environment for students to learn and live.Increasingly, new buildings are increasing in daylight, which can have a significant impact on performance and productivity.

On campus, for example, we use floor-to-ceiling windows.VELUX sun tunnels for flat roofsPriority should be given to lighting in the design of buildings, including appropriate light sources, color levels and temperatures, and also supports the natural clock rhythm. In addition, modern LED technology can help regulate the established temperature, reduce the number of lighting, and reduce the need for overhead lighting.   One of Modern green methods are the design of the Velux sun tunnels for flat surfaces to provide natural light in the corridors, stairs, bathrooms and cupboards, under flat roofs, where the roofing of the ceiling is not possible.How can I install the Velux Sun tunnel?Flex tunnels and rigid tunnels provide flexibility in installation.

Flexible tunnels can be used when the angle between the ceiling and ceiling is too small for a solid tunnel. Solid tunnels provide a straight shaft when the ceiling is placed directly under the outside window. The sun can be installed on a flat surface with a pitch between 0 ° – 15 °(VILOX code: TSV / TR), you will need to tunnel the Sun VILOX to the fierce roof.A Velux Sun Tunnel is easy to install, no matter what your roof type.

38 39 Figure ?3.22 Natural lightiningFlat roof flex tunnel TCF Flat roof rigid tunnel TCRProduct features:• Recommended for tunnel lengths from 0.2 to 0.9 m between the roof and ceiling.• The 1-meter long, super reflective, flexible tunnel has a diameter of 35 cm.• Easy to assemble.

• An easy-to-assemble diffuser comes complete with a frosted polycarbonate insulating frame.• Roof module in PVC and dome comes in both acrylic and polycarbonate  Product features:• Recommended for tunnel lengths from 0.8 to 6m between the roof and ceiling.

• The 1.7m long rigid tunnel should be used when greater lengths- in combination with ZTR extension sections- are necessary and to ensure adequate daylight levels are obtained. It is supplied with 2 x 45-degree bends. • Can be extended to distances up to 6m.• Rigid tunnel has a diameter of 35cm• Super reflective coating along the interior of the tunnel provides a 98% internal reflection rate.• An easy-to-assemble diffuser comes complete with a frosted polycarbonate insulating frame.• Roof module in PVC and an acrylic dome. Table 3 TCF and TCRLux CalculatorHow much light will provide the sun tunnel to the industrial engineering department?How will you save the sun tunnel and find the perfect sun tunnel for the industrial engineering building?This calculator gives you an indication of the light output of the Flux Sun Tunnel compared to the 60W LEDsSelect your location on the map.

Select the room for your VELUX sun tunnel.Enter the dimensions of your room (min = 0.5 m and max = 10 m) (length-height -width)Select your roof pitch.

Select roofing material. Select the orientation of the roof surface where you plan to install your VELUX sun tunnel.Select roof height.

 enter the length of your room.enter the width of your room and the height of your room. 450-600  150-350                                                       0 -150                     350-450                                                                                          Tiles up to 120mm in profile Slate up to 8mm thick north             south              west                  north east     south west     northwestheightTable 4 Sun tunnel usage methodology3.6.

2 Solar cell new ideas Now we know that the Hashemite University has become one of the leading universities in the adoption Renewable Energy Technology one of the largest university in Jordan with an area of 300,000 square meters (3,200,000 square feet). The university has built a project Solar-farm9 has enough photovoltaic (PV) capacity to Whole university power.In addition, as a function of inclination angle. The maximum global radiation occurs at 30 degrees, therefore fixed panels for The Hashemite University location and to obtain maximum solar-energy generation, the PV panels have fixed at 30 degrees.

 A solar cell bench can use in Hashemite University With the development of solar cells the world start making them more useful an example of them the solar bench.   You can use of USB will be able to charge mobile phone and other equipment.  Figure ?0.1 Solar benchSolar EASYBENCHThe new model of solar bench is one of the newest solutions in the world this solar bench support charging to 4 Mobile phones or computers , it’s made of steel and vender-max coat which has a resistant to the weather conditions (UV,salt)..

it is impossible to cause any damage because the steel parts have a high resistant and the electrical equipments without the steel box is located .Traditional seats outside the building can be replaced by this type of seats. Figure ?0.2 Solar bench 2Std. Equipment of solar consists of 4 USB for mobile charging, a photovoltaic panel, a MPPT controller, fuses or cables and GELTECH battery.Solar Bench EASYTABSolar bench supports the work of four computers, cell phones and 8 LED lighting.

High capacity of solar panels and professional equipment renowned manufacturer Victron energy. EASYTAB is impossible to damage. Its steel production is highly resistant and all electrical equipment located inside the protective box.Solar bench Easy Tab with large shade consists of: Contain a 1 wireless cell phone charger, 2 USB for mobile charging or tablet and Geltech Battery. 40