To anyone else, education meanseverything because it is where people, specifically the students gain theirfoundation in preparation to the country’s demands for effective professionalswho can work and serve greatly that will result satisfaction.

Also, educationtransforms the learners into competent leaders that can manage their ownbusinesses, and their own people as well that will surely develop their skillsand abilities to make a change and contribute in the economy of the country.Last May 2013, President Benigno SimeonAquino III signed the implementation of the new educational curriculum to thelaw here in Philippines which is known as the K-12 Program. In, it is stated that students should undergo “Kindergarten and 12years of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of JuniorHigh School, and two years of Senior High School SHS), before heading intohigher education.Some of the reasons why K-12 wasimplemented in the Philippines are: Philippines is the last country in Asia andone of only three countries worldwide with a 10-year pre-university cycle(Angola and Djibouti are the other two); a 12-year program is found to be thebest period for learning under basic education. It is also the recognizedstandard for students and professionals globally (www.deped. However, its main goal is “to giveFilipino students enough time to master skills and concepts so that they areready for tertiary education when the time comes” (

 At first, a lot of Filipinos were not in favorof its implementation since we do not have yet the background about K-12. Thereare some who considered it as another burden to their lives because they havebeen experiencing financial problems but then, the government added two moreyears to ten years basic education which will make them suffer more with theirpayments. Literally, a lot of rumors arise about its implementation that madeit controversial. However, as the said program hadstarted, it was seen to be effective most especially by the parents becausethey believe that the more years their child would take their learning, themore they could improve their skills and abilities in different aspects oflife; and their two years in Senior High School will also serve as theirpreparation for college and will soon result their success. References: