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San Diego City College Arduino Competition

San Diego City College Arduino Competition--Photo Courtesy Rafael Alvarez, MESA Director

San Diego City College Arduino Competition–Photo Courtesy Rafael Alvarez, MESA Director

We are pleased to announce the results of the Arduino Competition at San Diego City College on December 3, 2014. Seed-funded by the California Space Grant with additional funding and mentoring from Northrop Grumman and SparkFun Electronics, six four-person community college teams competed with innovative projects using Arduinos.

Summary courtesy of Rafael Alvarez, MESA Director:

1st place ($1,000 scholarship): Water conservation intelligent shower system

  • Captain: Jeremy Huerto – Mechanical Engineering
  • Israel Morado – Mechanical Engineering
  • David Robison – Computer Engineering
  • Elizabeth Rodriguez – Environmental Engineering
  • Coach:  Chris Tooley – Software Engineer III

2nd place ($500 scholarship): Perfect posture seat monitor

  • *Rodrigo Sierra – Aerospace Engineering
  • Ruth Sanchez – Bioengineering
  • Daniel Sandoval – Computer Science
  • Janeth Rivera – Biology
  • Coach:  Mark Cuezon – Systems Engineer

3rd place ($250 scholarship): Touch response door lock/message system

  • *Jonathan Orozco – Electrical Engineering
  • Cindy Mora – Chemical Engineering
  • Daniel Morales – Bio Engineer
  • Ysidro Alfaro De Leon – Electrical Engineering
  • Coach: Danee Kenyon – Electromechanical Engineer

Honorable mention:

Flex sensor glove for translating American Sign Language

  • *Alejandra Contreras – Bioengineering
  • Karen Castro – Computer Science
  • Brandon Mariscal – Physics
  • Coach: James Thompson – Mechanical Engineer

Smartmorning assistant, including clock alarm, pulse sensor and temperature sensor

  • *Alejandra Martinez – Mechanical Engineering
  • Justino Guerrero – Electrical Engineering
  • Atl Arredondo – Computer Science
  • Jose Luis Ramirez – Electrical Engineering
  • Coach: Jonathan Logan – Engineer

Pet food dispenser

  • *Natalia Alvarez – Computer Science
  • Charles Garcia – Computer Science
  • Arnold Suarez – Physics
  • Coach: Ryan Causey – Embedded Software Engineer

Auxiliary coaches

  • Michael Yao – Software Engineer
  • Pierre Porcenat – Engineer

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