1)Executive over the job through different incentives and bonus

1)Executive summary

2)Business introduction

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Mission Statement

Business name is devoted to achieve
the combination of technology, managerial skills, innovation and social and
environmental responsibilities to provide the added value which ensure the customer
satisfaction and explore new market to promote and expand sales of company
through good governance and foster sound dynamic team.

Vision statement

To attain market leadership through
unmatched quality, responsibility, respected processor for entire range of
fabrics, the highest ethical and professional standards and delivering on our
commitments with fair trade practices. Company that is fully equipped to play a
meaningful role on sustainable basis in the economy of Pakistan.

Business goals and Objectives

Business goals

Long term goals

Open 5 new stores in prime location
of Karachi with all business functions interlined via company network over the
next 10 years.

Increases total revenue by over 50%
over the next 5 years.

Short term goals

Increase the number of available
styles and choices

Eliminates duplicates of product

Decreases quantities, produce to
decrease the inventory risk

Increase total revenue by 10% over
the next 1 year.

Quality is priority

Increases employee’s satisfaction
over the job through different incentives and bonus programs

Provide friendly environment and
opportunities that can enhances employee’s skills and expertise

Design programs for preserving with
the natural environment.

Business objectives.

To achieve high share of market in
class of working women

To create valuable image in
customer’s mind

To provide wide range of seasonal

To build strong relation within and
outside the organization through quality product and services

To achieve superior performance as measured
by return on investment through systematic sustainable and profitable growth

Committed to run as independent
clothing firm (designing or wearing)

Be able to expand our product and
services in the region of our choices

To be present in all target market

To develop an e-commerce solution
that will not only improve profitability and company processes.

History of business.

Firstly, this idea came up in my
mind from the business background of my family. Basically, my family deals with
kids wear “Annie and Basit garment” specially in baby girl verity.

Now, I want to implement my idea in
a new direction apart from my family’s business to penetrate into a women’s
class by targeting the teenagers, youth and working women. Other people
(employees) join our business because of high profit return and look stability
in business because of our kids garment reputation.

Many of our old employees join us in
our departments business such as stitching department, designing department and

Probably will not face so much
difficulties to penetrate into the market and marketing because of our already
built reputation.

Investors are also willing to invest
in our new business idea because of less risk and we already know the trends of

List of company principles


Stakeholder of your company


3)The company (form of company)

Legal status of company

Zainish’s collection is a
multimember limited liability corporation formally organized in Karachi. Erum
Islam and Quratulain Khatri are the company principle owner. We hold equal
shares of ownership in the company.

4)The industry

Industry Structure

Ready-made garment producing trade
inside textile chain is that the most labor and least energy intensive and
therefore the largest worth addition segments. it’s the most effective suited
to West Pakistan comparative advantages. Well and properly positioning of
garment industry will contribute considerably to country’s objective of making
fashionable, high paid-jobs and rising the balance of trade. Textile and
garment industry contribute five hundredth share of Asian country export. it’s
the most important elements of manufacturing. it’s compete potential role
within the Pakistan’s export and supply largest opportunities of employment and
economic process. The importance of this industry lies within the value it adds
to native raw material – cotton + mixed material – thereby considerably
increasing the revenue from its sale within the international market.

After meeting increasing domestic
needs, the industry is capable of constructing offered an outsized volume of
its product for export. The industry seems numerous forms of clothes for men,
women, boys like plain/embroidered/printed dresses, blouses, maxis, shirts,
skirts, night dresses, track suits, middies, trousers, sub-dresses etc. All
varieties of readymade clothes area unit made up of cotton cloth and artificial

(Business Recorder, 2017)

Textile and garment industry have
multiple segments Spinning, Weaving, Yarn coloring, material coloring,
Printing, Finishing, Coating, Cut & Sew, Embroidery, Single-needle
quilting, Multi-needle Quilting etc. within textile and garment industry, have
splitting up sub-segment of ready-made garment industry especially stitched
clothes. The ready-made garment industry consists of various units which are
directly link to each other.

Ready-made garment industry



Industry trend

Trend 1

Pakistani consumers are turning from
stitched appeal to ready-to-wear because of discount retailing.

Factory shops have come to be
wonderful and essential buying destinations outlets are increasingly accepting
the broadly agreed truth that customers love a good deal and usually look ahead
to shopping for brands at low expenses. Manufacturing unit shops have become
awesome shopping locations with distinct audiences. clothing companies are focusing
on this market to cash in on consumers turning from stitched apparel to
ready-to-wear, further graduating to branded apparel. Mostly companies offer
30% to70% discount and people love to buy on discounted rate.

Trend 2

Consumers want branded products in
all aspect of their lifestyles

Traditional manufacturers that
presented formal put on are now extending into casual wear, accessories,
footwear and so on. With most manufacturers turning life-style brands, they are
opening large different emblem stores to show off their complete variety of
merchandise and provide an international sense. The last three years have
visible manufacturers opening up very huge layout shops in all over Pakistan.

Trend 3

Companies are expanding their
business and offering products through e-commerce.

Online shopping services eliminate
the traditional concept one place buying market. Today people want to aware
more and more current fashion trends. For this they use internet technology and
evaluate trends according to product, quality and price. Many companies create
their own web sites and advertising on social media websites. Companies give
all product specifications according to product, quality, price and delivery
process. The growth of ecommerce is increasing rapidly in last three years and
increasing the total revenue of Pakistan.

Trend 4

Companies are exploring new’
locations to retail to be able to increase Visibility of their logo

Apparel retailing is geared to take
on customers at locations aside from the traditional locations like
neighborhood markets, excessive streets and department shops. With extended
need for convenience and visibility retailing, companies discover newer
locations like airports, metro stations, restaurants, cafes & even beauty

Trend 5

Children and youth are stimulated by
means of icons & characters and choice to own them in their everyday life.

Pakistan has become vital market for
character licensing mainly in apparel today’s patron is greatly stimulated by
media and he reveals a propensity to follow icons to the quantity of bringing
them into his normal existence. This growing fashion amongst consumers is being
tapped by using apparel corporations with the aid of taking on licensing of
popular characters and icons to be used in their merchandise. this is
particularly proper for the children and children market in view that they
perceive with those characters and icons extra strongly.

5)Market Analysis and Marketing Plan

Market Size


Identify your target market


Provide a general profile of your
targeted clients


Describe what share of the market
you currently have and/or anticipate




Describe your channels of


Explain your sales strategy,
specific to pricing, promotion, products and place (4Ps)


6)Operational plan


We have decided that we will occupy
200 square feet factory area for production on rent in Karachi industrial area.
Its estimated cost of rent PRs: 30000/- per month and cost of utility bills
like electricity, fuel, water and sewerage bills will be PRs: 20000/- per
month. Availability of wide range of skills women workforce, short distance
from production destination to shop, easily available of logistic facilities in
production area are our competitive advantage.

Also, we have decided that we will
open our shop in prime location of Hyderi Nazimabad, Karachi on rent. Its
estimated cost of rent PRs: 20000/- per month, cost of electricity about PRs: 12000/-
per month and maintenance cost will be PRs: 8000/ per month.  We will need to spend PRs: 100000/- on
internal refurbishing. And additional PRs: 50000/- will be needed for chairs
and other factory and shop furnishings.

Suppliers and Inventories.

Suppliers are key element for any
business success, we know any business’s success and failure base on supplier
owner relationships. As we have mention before, our family do baby garment
business and have good relation with supplier. So, we have decided that we will
contact with them which will give us competitive advantage.  Suppliers have promised to provide quality
raw material and other accessories   and
keep information up-to-date according to industry trends.

As we mention our goals, we will not
purchase excess inventory so we will able to manage inventory’ risk. Inventory
will be purchased on cash because we do not want to create our payable account.
we have decided that we will have maximum stock-in inventory worth PRs:
100000/-  with resale value.

Equipment and Machineries.

As we mention, it is our new
business plan and its quite similar to our family business. So, we will need to
invest in equipment and machineries in a large way. We will use our family’s
business contact and purchase equipment and machineries from them. Our
estimated cost of equipment and machineries are about PRs: 600000/- with
installation cost. Also, we have decided that we will purchase on cash.


Our business plan is especially
designed for women to empower and increase the employment ratio among them. As
we have already mention that our staff including with skills women workforce
are great competitive advantages. For this we have decided that we will hire those
working women who live near factory area for production line and those who live
near to shop for front office job. From the outset all staff will have job
descriptions, a career and training history file, and a record of employee
reviews. We have planned that we will hire those working staff who have
potential to change their life style and have positive attitude toward
jobs.  We will provide training programs
for all staff members. Our estimates that we will hire almost 35 to 50 persons
including with both male and female staff.


Our production will be based on
market research and for this we will make Research and Development department
whose work will analyze customer’s feedback and current market trends. We have
planned to offer all size shirts plain and embroidery. After completing
research, create sample which will pass from company’s owners and move to
purchase department then raw material shift to cutting department. Then it will
pass to sewing department where all procedures apply to sewing and embroidery
and shift to last unit finishing department and it will shift to shop. We have
planned that we will create quality control department in every stage to reduce
lousy goods.

Cash trade.

We have decided that we will sell
our products and services on cash. We will offer discount who purchase more
than 3 shirts and stoles. Also, we have planned that we will offer free fitting
services and charge them who want to add additional material in shirts and

7)Description of Products and


Specifically describe all of your
products and services


Explain how your products and
services are competitive


If applicable, reference a picture
or brochure of your products, which would be included in the plan’s appendix


Product development stages

Our product development stages
comprise of various different units which is easily described in flow chart.

Stage 1

Stage 1 base on market research and
customer’s feedback. For this, we have planned to develop Research and
Development department whose work is to analyze market data, trends and
customer’s current needs and wants.

Stage 2

In stage 2, our material purchased
department will buy required raw material from supplier and check the quality
and standards according to market research.

Stage 3

At stage 3, material will move to
cutting department where raw material will be processing into different size
and layouts.

Stage 4

After cutting raw material into
different size and structure it will move to embroidery/ printing department
where required patterns and procedures will apply.

Stage 5

In stage 5, embroidery material will
shift to sewing department and will finalize all sewing procedures.

Stage 6

All finishing will be done at stage
6 like, tagging, thread cutting, pressing, trimming and stitched material audit

Stage 7

Quality control department will
check the quality and quantity according to pre-planned standards.

Stage 8

After checking the standards of
stitched materials, it will move to packaging department. In this stage 8,
packed material will check one more time by quality control department.

Stage 9

Packed material will shift to shop
where all product will display.

Stage 10

In last stage, after selling the
products and services, sales department will gather feedback from customers.
This feed will pass to company’s research and development department and this
chain will be continue.


Manufacturing plan


Maintenance and support


8)Organization & Management


Organization chart


Provide a brief bio description of
key managers within the company


Advisory Board, if applicable


Board of Directors, if applicable


9)Financial Management


New Business (Assumptions)


Estimate of start-up costs


Projected balance sheet (1 year


Projected income statement (1 year


Projected cash flow statement (12
months forward)