1a) may change · Constants – entities that do

1a)  Computationalthinking is a certain way of us ordering computers to do tasks, we cannot justask it to do something but rather break it down into steps to carry out.

Decomposition is a strategy used to break down a big taskinto little tasks. For programmers this helps a lot as they can focus of littlebits of a code at the time instead of doing the whole thing at once, as infirst designing the menu, then doing the menus options and from there doingeach option. Instead of typing the menus stuff first and then realising it alldoesn’t work. This improves thechances of success and if something goes wrong it won’t be hard to find whatand how to fix it. This also gives space to allow any upgrades to adapt theprogramme.

It is used very often to help communicate and explain the parts to aclient as they probably won’t understand. Pattern recognition links to decomposition in a way that yousee the similarities and patterns within programmes. This is helps to solve aproblems by looking at a similar programme and getting an idea from that oreven copping the tiny bit of code.Abstraction allows us to create a general idea of what theproblem is, and how to go about to solve it. Like making a template to use overand over to start with a basics for every programme. The solution could be usedfor all problems instead of one. This then saves a lot of time dealing with itall. Like making a menu and typing it out every time.

Representing parts of a problem or system in general termsincludes:·      Variables – entities that may change·      Constants – entities that do not change·      Key processes – processes to take to understand theproblem·      Repeated processes – processes that repeat multipletimes.·      Inputs – values that are used to create something orfix the problem·      Outputs – what comes out of everything when completedor what has been formatted to show the userThese parts are used for general terms when creating ordiagnosing the programme. These can also be used outside programming forgeneral use. 1b) Software applications used a lot to solve clients’ needsin many ways.

The mostcommon one is hand-eye coordination, which without argument is the most commonbenefit. This is because you have to stare at a screen while moving your handswithout looking at them. And reflexes plays a bit part. Surgeons actually gamea little with virtual operations and just normal games, this helps them a lotto perform a successful operation. Entertainment is one of the most used category. Gaming isactually proven to slow down aging (not by a lot though), but it might justmake you look a year younger at 25.

Is helps you make better decisions in life,because you think about both sides just like in gaming either to go left orright. Gaming can also help with eyesight, but obviously too much ofsomething is bad. At the University of Rochester they proved that first persongames improves your eyesight by improving your contrast sensitivity function.Video gamescan make you a highly social person, “Gamers aren’t the antisocialbasement-dwellers we see in pop culture stereotypes; they’re highly socialpeople,” Dr. Nick Taylor, an assistant professor of communication at NCState and lead author of the study, said in a school news release. “Thiswon’t be a surprise to the gaming community, but it’s worth telling everyoneelse. Loners are the outliers in gaming, not the norm.

” (Armstrong Moore, 2014). This isbecause when they socialise at events they formed stronger relationships then non-gamers.Games canimprove your ability to learn. Such game as StarCraft is a fast paced strategygame, having to make the player learn and adapt the way they play.

This helpsenhance your brain flexibility a lot to have heavy loads of information thrownat them at once.Some gamesactually motivate people to stay fit, most common is the treadmill. Heartracing games create a lot of blood flow and more oxygen inhaled. This can detoxthe body a little. Also sweating while under pressure does this too! Wii Sportand Wii Fit taking the lead as a stay fit gaming scenario found a lot inhospitals and retirement homes. You can also burn three times the amount withconsole gaming over Netflix.Games can alsohelp depression, this is because the games shows how to fight against negativeemotions and helps them create a bond to characters. This is been observed andresearched by ‘SPARX’ in 2012.

Inconclusion gaming is a great thing to do on a daily basis, you don’t want to bedoing too much but a little every day and have massive effects. Relationshipsare strong if you play games together online or in real life. 1c) Python isa common easy language to use and read. It supports multiple systems andplatforms to execute long complex code. Python is very fixable with webprogramming because of its number of frameworks. Disadvantages is that isslower than the others.

Not very good for mobile development. Its uses a lot ofmemory and won’t be able to execute a 3d game. It can’t use multi core work.Java isreally good programme for beginners and experts. It is best for mobileapplications, but can also be used for enterprise level purpose and forcreating desktop applications.

It’s known for its flexibility across devicesand low usage. It’s ‘built with security in mind’. Big projects are harder andmore cost expensive to complete with java then most.The oldestone is c, c# and c++.

This is used in desktops and some mobile apps. It’s usedin desktops most because of its hardware utilization, causing this to be greatfor games and strong applications. This is because it’s very fast and powerfulcompared to others. C++ is very stubborn and must be wrote without shortcuts.

This language is very confusing and is available to experienced developers,this is because it is very hard to understand the code and to fix a syntaxerror.Ruby isclose to one of the popular codes. It’s a very small easy code to use. It hasbeginners in mind with a massive web utilization in mind. It doesn’t have verygood runtime speed and the performance isn’t optimal. It’s not very flexible asa web language.

As its limitations its best to go with something else. 1d) The twotypes of the examples are c and python. They both have