1960s disrupted and some of the schools were forced

1960s was a period of Cold War, which was full of tensionand fear.

When John F. Kennedy came to the White House, he had been declared asthe symbol of spirit, hope for the nation. However, the 1960s have been aturbulent decade for Americans in the USA. The chaos had started in 1963 – whenthe assassination of the president J. F. Kennedy took place. Along with thepresident, the hopes of American’s who strongly supported him perished. “A timeof innocence and hope soon began to look like a time of anger and violence.

“1 That was the time protests began. Peoplewere protestingfor justice of African-Americans, for full equality for women andalso to demand the end of the ongoing Vietnam war. The atmosphere had beenmixed-up even more when in 1968 Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr wereassassinated. Those murders pushed riots in cities across the USA to begin. Citizensaimed for a better life, thus, living in a capitalistic and individualistic world,they knew they had to fight for it themselves.                       The riots were firstinitiated by college students.

On one hand the protests seem like a chaotic andimmature expression of dissatisfaction which had even grown violent as thegovernment tried to ignore the protesting society at first. On the other hand,however, the riots were a big step towards the unification of differentsocieties, as reaching the goals jointly helped the anti-war community growlarger daily. The United States is a vastly culturally diverse party, hence,consequently, it is a particularly individualistic and distributed bysubcultures, races, etc.

The actions ofthe American government, which had negative consequences, resulted in positivechange on American people’s culture, as the people, who participated in theopposition of the Vietnam war consequently had become closer. “Theintensity of youth’s reaction against war was shown in the spring of 1970.Almost all college campuses were disrupted and some of the schools were forcedto close as students expressed their opposition.”2 Thusthe opposition, while the atmosphere seemed to be chaotic, had brought positivechange to the diverse societies which had joined together. 1 V. (2002,October 15). THE MAKING OF A NATION – October 17, 2002: The 1960s – 2002-10-16.Retrieved January 07, 2018, from https://learningenglish.

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