. As an insider, I had experienced many of the same issues that thewomen faced during my visits. My insider position grants me access to a Bengaliwoman’s worlds; I was settled in an inflexible third space. As Hooks (1984) has expressed, “We looked from the outside in and fromthe inside out. We focused our attention on the centre as well as on themargin.

” (Hooks, 1984, p. 9). This means that someone cannot separate the twoterms because both give strength to the other. However in my third spaceposition, I have the chance to explore my topic from two positions: as anoutsider living on the margins and as an insider. This experience hasshaped who I am as a person because occupying an outsider and insider positionin my culture; it helps to be reflexive in that I am able to judge a situationby taking in both perspectives.