The Coming Of War       The cause of Spanish-American war is still a controversial topic in the international. Some people think the Spanish-American War is the United States tried to seize Spanish territories of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Philippines in 1898. In that time, Spanish had been weak for a long time, and Spanish don’t have a strong power like before.Cuba and Philippines people aimed struggle against Spanish rules.Spanish army brutal suppression of violence against Cuba people and this act make United States feel angry and endanger United States economic interests in Cuba.On February 15, 1898, United States sent a battleship called Maine to protect Cuba was exploded, and this bomb makes 260 sailors were killed and sinking the ship.So United States put this incident as an excuse to invade Cuba.   However, some people thought this war is Spanish fault.Spain controls Cuba as colony and knockdown the battleship. So United States felt angry about Spanish act.  On April 4, 1898, Spanish first announced that declare war against United States. And On April 5, 1898, United States announce that declare war On Spanish.       On February 15,1898, The American battleship Maine was explored, and this bomb made 260 sailors died.This act makes American felt angry, and because of newspaper and social media spread, it makes American feel angry. Although most of the people felt angry to Spain because of this act, some people still doubt that Maine explosion was not totally Spain’s fault. New York News and New York World use” Yellow Journalism” make American people furious.”Yellow Journalism” was developed in the commercial competition between Pulitzer’s New York World and Hearst’s New York News. It used emotional socialism as the main reporting to achieve their purpose.It used extreme exaggeration and sham plot to increase people’s bad feelings about that things. They used yellow journalism to expand sales and earn more money.


a wind farm project to completion comes along with a great number of legal
requirements.  It is a matter for project
manager to ensure they have all the relevant consents, permissions, licences,
and agreements, they require in order to develop, construct and operate a
generating station such as a wind farm. Contracts and agreements have to be
made from project inception to finance close, in order to guarantee a functioning
installation and to limit its risks.

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EIA and ES


One of the first legal requirement of project will be an
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It will assess the impacts and effects
(either positive or negative) of the proposed project on the environment: landscape
impact, local heritage and traffic, noise pollution… On this purpose, the EIA
must provide a certain number of information, such as the description of the
project, the description of the environment and a non-technical summary of the
wind farm project. As a result, an environmental statement (ES) will accompany
the planning permission application. 11 12

Agreement with municipalities


order to construct and operate the proposed project, the wind farm project
company must apply and obtain a planning permission under the Town and Country
Planning Act 1990. This planning permission is the main regulatory consent to
be considered. The local authority, typically the council, is leading the consents
process for wind farms.
On the scope of the ES, the local authority will conclude on the project consent. 13 14 11


Site agreement


the site assessment phase, a land
acquisition or leasing contract with the landowners need to be signed to address the possible requirements for land
use.  This site agreement is to define
the relationship with the landowners and to ensure access to the site. Ongoing
payments can be made to the landowner in return. 11 15

Grid connection agreement


It is necessary to consider the grid connection and
the consents process linked under the Electricity Act 1989,
including the Generation license, and the rights to connect with a formal
connection agreement. The Holder of a generation license must comply with a
certain number of codes that outlines the principal rights & obligations. In
the early stages of the development, the project company must sign the
connection agreement with an electricity distribution company to allow the wind
farm to be connected to the grid and so export its output. 15



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