12.10 not as much about control as power is.

12.10I think Hartfield isresponsible for the students’ poor health. Hartfield became rich because of hisdrug dealings. Due to marijuana, many young students are becoming weak andlosing IQ points.  Hartfield mustunderstand that his money comes at the cost of other’s (students) health.

Although it is unlikely, Hartfield should stop his business dealing marijuanafor ethical reasons. 12.11I think the ethicalresponsibility are the same between drug leaders and leaders in the alcohol/tobacco industry. All the above-mentioned industries harm the health of itsconsumers in obvious ways and the leaders of these industries know it. Justbecause it is legal, does not mean it is ethical nor does it mean the ethicalresponsibilities of these industries’ leaders are any less. In fact, becausethese health-harming products are legal is even worse because they are allowedto advertise and are sold everywhere.

In a way, the ethical responsibilities ofthe tobacco/ alcohol industries leader may even be more significant. 12.12I would not take aleadership role in an organization if I had issue with its product or servicebecause I don’t want to be responsible for something I don’t believe in. Iconsider my ethical responsibility far more important than money. Even if I hadall the money in the world, knowing that I’m causing pain and suffering forothers would eat me up inside and the money would be pointless. 13.

1Power is the ability oneperson (A) have to change the behavior of another person (B) so that person Bwill follow the guideline set by A. Power means putting attention on one thingto get instant agreement and get it done. While leaders utilize power toachieve goals, power is not always necessary and may even have the oppositeintended effect. Leadership concentrates on knowing the relevant information inorder to fulfill desires and requirements. Leadership involves putting pressureon supporters; it is not as much about control as power is.

 13.2The similarities betweenthe five bases of power is that all od them are related to leaderships and theyall determine the leader’s level of influence. The differences lie in theafter-effect of each different bases.

For instance, personal power encourages employeeengagement and increases retention while the use of coercive power has negativeeffect on employee morale.  Reward andlegitimate is not connected to any outcome.13.4Some power tactics aremore efficient than others. Rational persuasion, inspirational appeals, andconsultation are considered most efficient, because observers generallyencourage the output of the adjustment procedure. Pressure has no importancewhen compared to the remaining tactics.

Rational persuasion is one of the mostefficient tactics. Inspirations appeals to the observers which helps in workingwith others and in making good decisions. The most sophisticated tacticsinvolve personal appeals, inspirational appeals, rational persuasion andconsultation.

The most solid tactics could be exchange, coalitions, andpressure which results i official authority and may concentrate on valuable andcalculated damages. 13.6Politics refer to theactivity linked with governing a country or a specific state. It includes theactivities of the political party. Mostly, politic is used to create confusionand chaos in society.Politic is not onlypresent in the governing activities of the state but also in organizations.Politic in organization is an unwanted activity that spoiled organizationalculture.

Organizational politics include making godship, spreading rumors,whistleblowing, and leaking confidential information to the rivals. Organizational politicsalways creates negative impacts on the organization. Some employees may form agroup amongst themselves and start gossiping about the affairs of the company. Whenorganizational politics exists, the organization degrade and get negatively impacted.

People in an organizationshould not indulge in any sort of politic. This will create a bad image for thecompany. The growth of the employee and their organization will hinder due tothe politic present in the organization.