1. what the world wants and believe me they

1. PETRO: MOVING WITH THE MODERN WORLD In this 21st century let us not be thefools and waste this fruitful opportunity. For the past decade, we all havewitnessed the doom of our country. citizens have already suffered from a lot ofdifficulties but these difficulties need to find a stop. We all will give themone. The black gold in our seas is what the world wants and believe me theyneed it. If they need it then the price will be ours.

Let them approach and wewill benefit. Currently, the economy is unstable but let the policies be mendedand flaws be wiped out, a change would surely be seen. The economy has largeimbalances that will have to be adjusted so will the people have to adjust butI assure you all my fellow citizens that those who were unemployed in the past,those who couldn’t afford a living, those in extreme poverty will now see agleam of opportunities in their lives.

The best is yet to come, the trust isall I need. All that we had borrowed will now get repaid because nobody likesto live under the burden of debt. Inflation, the gum of ruin, we stepped on it.

But now let us make the efforts to free our feet from the gum because it’s notletting us move and run forward. I have a dream today. I have a dream thatevery citizen of our nation would be happy and satisfied. I have a dream thatmy country will be far away from the devils of disruptions. The solution liesin the new currency, PETRO our own cryptocurrency. If we start trading in thiscurrency our future will be secure. No other government can sanction becauseit’s all private work.    2.

 CANNABIS IN INDIA The cannabis drugs are used in Indiain three main forms – bhang, ganja and charas Market segmentation 1. Demographic                                                                                                                                                 a.       Age: the consumption of cannabis isobserved to be done majorly by the age group of 16-30 years. High schoolstudents, College undergraduates, postgraduates, interns, working professionalsand many more fall under this age range.

Age group 30 and above also consumesconsiderable amount of cannabis in different forms. People who want to growcannabis or deal in its supply falls under the age group of 27 – 40. Unemployed and the retired are said to constitutehuge demand of cannabis because they don’t have any work. b.

      Gender: mostly done by the males. Indiais unfortunately a male dominant society where women are consideredill-mannered if they consume drugs. 1 in 30 will be women. Production ofcannabis is also taken up majorly by the males in the parts where it can begrown. In medication, pregnant women are not advised otherwise its used formedications. c.

       Income: it can be consumed by anyincome group because of its cheap price. The more refined and high-qualityleaves the more expensive it is. Low quality cannabis one can get at economicalrates.

while It is grown and cultivated in large amounts hence preferred byfarmer entrepreneurs. Its demand is high in pharmaceutical industry as well asdope industry so it fetches good money to the producers and is considered to bea profitable business. the retail price of cannabisin India was US$0.10 per gram, the lowest of any country in the world. d.      Religion:  The Vedas call cannabis a source of happiness, joy-giver,liberator that was compassionately given to humans to help us attain delightand lose fear (Abel, 1980). It releasesus from anxiety. The god, Shiva is frequently associated with cannabis, calledbhang in India.

Hindus use bhang for religious ceremonies like Holi andascetics use it to seek divinity. Sadhus are Indian ascetics who have shunnedmaterial life and use cannabis to seek spiritual freedom.  2. Geographical in India the plant is found growing wild throughoutthe Himalayan foothills and the adjoining plains, from Kashmir in the west toAssam in the east. It has become acclimatized to the plains of India and growseven in the warm climate of southern India, producing its narcotic principles.The plant grows wild in the following states: Assam, Bihar, Madras, UttarPradesh, Punjab, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Patiala and East PunjabStates Union, Rajasthan. Travancore-Cochin, Himachal Pradesh, Manipur and Tripura.The states where there is no wild growth include Bombay, Kutch, Madhya Pradesh,Orissa, Hyderabad, Mysore, Saurasthra, Ajmer, Coorg, Delhi, Andhra, Bhopal,Vindhya Pradesh and the Andaman and NicobarIslands.

On account of the widely scattered habitat of the plant, it is notpossible to arrive at any reliable estimate of the total area under it. Thewild growth appears to be less prevalent in the western and southern parts ofthe country. It is most luxuriant along the southern slopes of the Himalayas andalong the eastern border of Assam up to an altitude of 10,000 feet above sealevel. The states inwhich the cannabis plant is allowed to be cultivated at present are: State Area in hectares Bihar 20 Orissa 6 West Bengal 60 Hyderabad 9 Madhya Bharat 71 Mysore 16      3. Psychographic  Cannabis is loved by those who get tired of work,who are addicted to relief substances, who want to pretend to be cool in thesociety, who want to just chill in their lives etc.

it is heavily sold duringrave parties, international concerts, festivals (Holi). A good fact is that acannabis lover is so attached with the drug that she/he won’t give up itsconsumption. Customers are slowly spreading.     4.      Behavioural  Purchase/usage occasion: the true addicts wouldconsume very frequently whereas others may find a festival or an occasion toconsume it.              TARGET MARKET                    5.      OUTLAW LIMITED Outlaw Limited- an Indian Cowboy hat company deals infaux-leather cowboy hats, supplying worldwide.

Cowboy hats, today, are worn notonly by many people in western and southern United States, western Canada andnorthern Mexico, but are a quirky fashion statement to people across the globe.It is most commonly worn by riders on the horseback. Made entirely ofartificial leather, our product is cruelty-free. Our company has come up with aunique business model: – •      Theproceeds of every 10th hat sold will be donated to Stray Relief and AnimalWelfare Organisations.

(STRAW). STRAW is a registered Non-Profit Organisationand provides Animal Welfare through Education. STRAW also runs a very activeanimal helpline that organizes rescue of animals, and also helps in adoption ofabandoned pets. STRAW, in return, will adopt one stray animal (cows, dogs,pigs, donkeys etc) per 100th sale of cowboy hat and will use that amount innurturing and proper raising of them. The company supports the motto of animalwelfare and moves with the tagline “PROTECT NATURE” S BEAUTIES”.  •      Firstly,we give the consumers a chance to make a two-fold contribution to the cause: 1.Purchasing a sustainably produced product made of faux leather. 2.

Choosing acompany committed to actively donating to the cause. •      Thecompany will further donate to build animal shelters where all the rescuedanimals will be moved in to ensure safety and create a sustainable environmentfor them. This would also result in the decline of the total number of deathsof stray animals per year basis. Our company would also release annualstatistics of the total number of stray animals rescued.

Moreover, our companywould start a campaign called #savestrayanimals, where the most number of strayanimals saved by a person will be rewarded and will also get attractive hampersfrom the company.  •      Thecompany would also increase any other contributions to the cause by 10% ofannual profit percentage. (e.g., with an annual profit percentage of 20%, 2%more contribution will be added, say from 10,000 to 10,200) Presently, thecompany will tie up with STRAW, but later on as the company grows, we hope to tie upwith several other NGOs.    4.

NEW7WONDERS   The process of calculating the votes is highlyabstruse. the status of number of votes of a particular monument should beshown on the website so that voters can seek for the monument with the highestnumber of votes at that very point of time. Toensure that the poll is fairer to smaller nations only 10% of the votes fromthe host country will be counted, the other 90% will be global. Thetrust issues are really degrading our foundation’s reputation.

We should get inassociation with an international regulatory body like UNESCO and UnitedNations so that people can a have a firm belief on our working process andtransparency be maintained in our operations. Just like political votingprocess, various parties carry out heavy campaigning in order to gain support,similarly, the countries who get their monuments registered should solely takethe initiative of marketing campaigning of their monument, asking for votes,spreading the awareness and much more if they want to compete, we should notget involved in such activities and restrict ourselves only to the votingprocess. To establish a good image in the books of everyone, videos ofinterviewing the panel of judges should be made available. The judges shouldtalk about the selection criteria, nominees and the further process of voting.But before this, we should make sure that our judges are eminent and renowned.They come from diverse expertise and are well-known.

Trust and faith will beearned when these videos will be viewed by the people of the world. Repetitivevoting should be strictly avoided by making sure that Internet Protocol (IP)addresses and sim-card numbers are recorded. Nominees should be clearly shownto each and every person through their national television channels, radiofrequencies, newspaper etc.

this will make sure that even if the person isvoting through SMS or phone-call, she/he is well educated and informed aboutthe nominees. It is our obligation to inform people of the world about thenominees using each country’s media sources/channels. We should chargesubscription charges, various fees like licensing fee at the time ofregistrations only. These charges should be enough to accommodate for thevarious expenses involved in carrying out the voting. No other fees should becharged later from the countries or else all the clauses and costs should beclearly mentioned in the contract with each participant in the beginningitself. New7Wonder cities would force the heads of all the cities of the worldto repair, reconstruct and beautify their cities. This would make the world abetter, cleaner and beautiful place to live in.

the cities would compete witheach other over a pan of 3 years. In this time cities will be developed,changed, and transformed into magnificent cities. This will also boost thetourism of the participating cities. To mollify the heads of the cities to be apart of this campaign, we should enhance the terms with our participants andbring more transparency in operations.