1. we are creating because if we continue down

We as humans feel the need to
try and do as much activities as we can possibly fit into a “suitcase”, leaving
us to miss out on the moments that give life meaning. We need to realize the
damage that we are creating because if we continue down this trend it could
lead to even less time with family, we should slow down and not try and fill
the “Suitcase” so easily, and try to live life to its fullest. One point to
make that advances the authors thesis is the contrast in paragraph A, the scene
seems as though it’s a joyful time between the son and father kicking around a
soccer ball until Carl Honoré drew closer to find out the father was conversing
on a Bluetooth cell phone that was clipped to his ear while absent mindedly
kicking the ball back to his son. This contrasts the authors thesis because the
father is trying to pack his “suitcase”, jeopardizing his relationship with the
son. Another point to advance the authors thesis is due to them referencing
authority. In paragraph E, the author references Statistics Canada, this
reference strengthens the thesis by stating a fact “study released earlier this
year showed that people who work spend 45 minutes less with their families
every day then people in the 80’s”. This shows that we are losing time with
loved ones because we are thinking we are saving time but in reality, you are
losing time with your family. It also shows the trend that we slowly lose time
we spend with others.

2.    The author uses many
different types of elements of style to enhance the meaning of the essay
because he/she wants to make sure that they get the best understanding of the
point they are trying to get across. One type of elements that the author uses,
and I used to get the message across is simile. “By treating time like an empty
suitcase to be packed with as many activities as we can possibly stuff in” (B),
This simile shows that as we would when we go on a vacation, we may not need
everything we stuff in the suitcase, though we try and stuff as much as we can,
leaving us with little room to do the things we want. Even when there is room
we try and fill it with something we may not even need. Another way that they
enhance the meaning is by descriptive detail, “But the real problem is not
technology; it’s how we use it” (F). This shows the detail that we can blame
anything on it being technology, for example people say guns kill people but,
its people killing people. It shows that we are the only people to blame for
what we are doing, yes technology might help us speed up things, but we are to
blame for the things we do.

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