1. Water can be generated through condensing humidity exhaled

1. Executive summary  Till 2040s the earth will be clogged with humans, therefore we must find a way to survive. This project is basically about how we have built a space settlement.

? Location: The satellite will be positioned in the lower orbit for suitable gravitational position and radiation protection. ? Structure: It will be an aerodynamic design which ensures safety and compatible with the stability, which will consist of cylinder, sphere, tori, docking ports etc. ? Sunlight: The space shuttle will be silvered with minerals; solar panels can be fit on top the settlement.

The photo voltaic cells, which will convert sunlight into electricity. Heating the settlement will also be done through solar energy or water tanks. ? Pressure: We will use 60 percent oxygen and 40 percent nitrogen at 15 psi on the launch pad, then switched to pure oxygen at only 5 psi in space, which will be much effective and safer. ? Artificial gravity:  Page 6 of 65 Artificial gravity can be generated by rotation and electromagnet. The rotation will be done with the help of torus and using electromagnet will be much safer and less costly.  ? Water: Water can be generated through condensing humidity exhaled by humans during exhalation, and then processed through machines. These machines will convert humidity into pure water.

? Oxygen: Oxygen can be created by the natural process of photosynthesis. Carbon dioxide can be found on the surface of many planets. ? Food and nutrients: In an agriculture sector carbon dioxide will be given out by the animals and the oxygen given out the plants are exchanged.

Among all the food items, we have decided to give a lot of importance to milk, Jaggery and Ragi. ? Town planning: Our space settlement will be divided into areas called provinces. Each province contains hospitals, houses, offices etc.

? Minerals: Minerals can be extracted by using asteroids. After extraction it will go through process like concentration, comminution etc. ? Fuel: