1. the PwC team members. Finally, the GEP is

1.      What is the role of the Global EngagementPartner at Price Waterhouse Cooper? The Global Engagement Partner or GEP, carries a vital rolein maintaining, creating and building strong relationships between PwC and itsclient, in other words is responsible for the key customer relationships. Acentral task for the GEP is relationship management, as was mentioned by James(Jim) Henry, a GEP needs to “build a network of relationships with theirclients”, in fact the strength of the relationships they build is valued morethan the revenue they reel in. An effective GEP is considered as a “trustedadvisor” by PwC’s client, to do so the GEP needs to understand the client’sissues, their strategy and challenges. Although not directly running any projects, since the GEP isthe person who understands the client’s issues   andchallenges, he/she monitors the projects to ensure that the teams created byPwC meet the client’s needs and that the targets are being met.

Additionally,Thomas (Tom) Pirolo mentioned the importance PwC gives to communication, a GEPmust ensure that this communication takes place between the clients and the PwCteam members.Finally, the GEP is involved in business development, he/sheworks with the Client Relationship Executive (CRE) to develop new business bycontacting individuals that are part of the client’s organization.  2.      How effective has Miles Everson been in his rolemanaging the firm’s relationship with BestBank? Miles Everson’s effectiveness was highlighted by the positivecomments given to him by BestBank’s chief operating officer (COO), head ofcorporate and investment banking, and chief information officer (CIO). Everson’shard work, skills, responsiveness and competency seems to have a significantrole in BestBank’s relationship with PwC. For example, the COO mentions thatPwC always find the right people for BestBank, and as was discussed above theGEP ensures that the team sent is appropriate for the company. Therefore,Everson’s work improved BestBank’s view of PwC.

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Everson’s effectiveness can also be seen in the increase ofannual billings to BestBank, their account increased from $200,000 in 2002 toover $5 million in 2007. This increase placed BestBank in PwC’s tope 10% ofU.S. advisory clients. Therefore, it can be concluded that Miles Everson’s role inmanaging PwC’s relationship with BestBank was highly effective, both in thepositive image BestBank has of PwC and in BestBank’s increased annual billings. 3.

      What are the challenges Everson faces inbecoming the GEP for Global Financial? Becoming the GEP for Global Financial brings a lot ofchallenges, which will be discussed below:a.      Global Financial size when compared to BestBank:As discussedin the case, Global Financial is ten times bigger than BestBank both in assetsand revenues. Additionally, Global Financial operates in a number of countriesgiving it more of an international scope. Their product range is broader andhas a more formal culture.

The challenge for Everson would be to learn to adaptto this new environment, which seems to be more demanding and has biggerconsequences.  b.      Increase in workload: Another challenge would be that during unprecedentedeconomic and industry turbulence, Everson will also become the head of PwC’sadvisory services for U.S. banking and capital markets. Furthermore, Everson isalso becoming a senior relationship partner (SRP) of BestBank, although thisrole is less intense than GEP role, he would still be having various tasks toattend to especially because he is used to be more directly involved inprojects. In fact, some colleagues also argued that due to the size and internationalscope of Global Financial, the role of GEP by itself is really demanding. Eversonwill need to improve his time management skills.

c.      CRE’s relationship:In many cases the GEP relies on CREs to ensure the bestquality service provided. At BestBank, Everson had Stephen Rose for CRE, withwhom he had a good collaboration, in fact they were seen as a powerful team. AtGlobal Financial, the CRE had been there for about seven years, thereforehe/she had a lot of experience in the company, this could be an asset forEverson but could also be a challenge if their relationship is not asfunctional as his previous one. d.

      Coordinate across PwC geographies:Although Everson “has an international network”, GlobalFinancial has very demanding international requirements, therefore Eversonneeds to make sure that he will use all his PwC network, but also improve it.Additionally, he will need to be thoroughly informed about Global Financialissues worldwide and also tackle them. 4.      What recommendations do you have for him? Everson should find a way to reduce his workload, this canbe done using tools such as the Eisenhower Decision Matrix which will betterhelp him see which tasks to do first, which ones to schedule, delegate or donot do at all (Eisenhower, n.d.) It is important that he reduces his workload now because it has alreadyinfluenced his work, in fact some mentioned that he has missed some BestBankcalls, and Global Financial might be more punishing for such mishaps.

 Since Everson is taking over the role of a GEP from a seniorpredecessor, he should find the occasion to meet with him/her to get a betteridea of what is being expected at Global Financial. Additionally, he shouldbuild a strong relationship with Global Financials’ CRE who has been there forover seven years and must have a lot of inside knowledge. Everson is known to have a good PwC network, he should makeuse of this network to get more information on working in the new environmentthat is found at Global Finance. Although, he has a lot of experience gainedfrom his work, he is still considerably young and can learn a lot.  Everson’s knowledge on global finance is doubtful this canhinder his reputation.

Therefore, he should either improve his knowledge inglobal finance, or else delegate it to other people.