1) Product Life Cycle ü To study about the

1)      Introduction

In this economy when a brand new goods introduced
into the market, it undertakes a sequence of step in this marketplace, in this
steps are introduction growth, maturity and the last decline stage. Its follows
each other sequentially and so restudied to as this product life cycle
(PLC).  The Product Life Cycle (PLC)
series is nearly connected with this movement in this marketing economy. And
the succeeding possessions on the product marketing mix and strategies.

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In this Marketing is all about making markets by
fullfilling their target consumers wants and needs enhanced their contenders.
This marketing products all about our customer’s bundle of satisfaction. This
marketing explanation of this product is more than what the producers
comprehends it to be.

In this marketing company, of fierce rivalry, these
firms have been pressured to developed with very innovative industrial novelty
and succeeding marketing strategies. In this competitive market, when apple
company launched iphone in 2007, the Apple Inc. generated the smartphone world
for the reasonable customers, before that this smartphone was targeted only for
the business people.  In this marketing
world introduce Apple to Iphone and Android phones are offered by Samsung, HTC
and nokia have to give their best in competing in the non-ever changing
technological market and so far have 
capable to be the biggest matchers in the Smartphone firms.


1.1  Objectives of this studies

study about the Product Life Cycle

study about the segmentation

study about the Product Life Cycle of Samsung Galaxy



2)      Product

to Peter Drucker, as long as a goods isn’t transported and bought, this is
remnants a main goods or at good an intermediary. This goods is almost continuously
a blend of tangible and intangible welfares. For an example, a fridge is not only
plastic, steel, brand name, Freon gas, number of doors and so on, however
include factors like afterward sales service, delivery and installation,
assistances in purchase of the goods, dealer network and services. These all
are brings higher position in emerging nations. This is the same to same with
goods like automobiles, courier, tv, airlines, music system telephone, personal
products and etc.


Product Life

As customers, we all are buying millions of goods
each and every years.  Like people’s life
cycle like products also have a life cycle. Hoarier, long-term established
goods finally they developed fewer popular, while in Contrary, the new demand
products normally rises moderately after their launched. The reason of this
most of the firms known about the different product life cycle stages, and they
sell all the products have a narrow lifecycle, the majority of this firms will
recapitalized and make new goods development in command to make sure that their
firms frequently to grow.











This Product Life Cycle has four openly declared
stages, each and every characteristics are their own life cycle of their
specific goods. These are:

Ø  Introduction stage

Ø  Growth stage

Ø  Maturity stage

Ø  Decline stage


3.1 Introduction Stage

This level of cycle can be very costly for a firm
that starting a new product. The size of the market for production is very
small, which rises as sales increase. Another side, the cost of research and
development, consumer testing and marketing to start goods is very extreme, particularly
if rivalry section.

Growth Stage

Growth in the economy of the development and
profitability of the enterprise manufacture, profit limits, and the amount of incomes
will boost growth due to robust growth in sales and incomes. This is possible
to invest more money in advertising activities, increasing the potential of
this growth phase.

3.3 Maturity Stage

At maturity, the product is oriented and the purpose
of the producer is to maintain the market shares they have created. This is a
very competitive time for most products and businesses, and they want to invest
wisely in any marketing firm. They wants to consider any product changes or enhancements
to the production process that can deliver them a competitive advantage.

3.4 Decline Stage

In the end, a goods called market failure, it is
called collapse. This swift is incomplete in the market or the customer mutable
product line. Though this failure is inevitable, companies can make some incomes
by switching to low-cost industrial and cheap markets.



4)      SAMSUNG

this Samsung was establishing in 1932 by lee ping and its real name is samna
sanhoe. It has become the largest electronic business in the global and is now
the biggest producer of mobiles. This firm’s HQs worked 200 000 plus employees
in seoul and global sams. South korea’s total exports not only monetary growth
in the nation, but its media, culture and policies have had a significant
impact-initially a small firm specialized in groceries. In Samsung Electronics,
2003 is a reservoir year. It was successfully located as one of the world’s greatest
mobile phone producers, and its products were all over the media. “Many
mobile phones have been called as the best gift for Mercedes or mobile
phones.” Samsung Telecommunication Business is a business unit. Samsung
Parents Samsung Electronics. Samsung leader Geesung Choi. Products are
manufactured by Samsung mobile phones, smart phones, telecommunication systems,
MP3 players, and laptop computers.


5)     SAMSUNG

A smartphone is a mobile Combined with an innovative
mobile functioning system Features of personal computer operating methods other
features for mobile or portable use. They You can usually connect cell phone
features Other popular mobile devices like personal digital Help (PDA), Media
Player and GPS Navigation Division. Mostly smartphone internet access a touch
screen user interface can run on the third part Applications, music players and
camera phones. In November 2009, Bada functioning system Samsung smartphones
have been publicized. First The Bada-based phone is the Samsung Upsurge S8500, Released
in June 2010. Samsung sent $ 4.5 million Most mobiles are running smartphones
in Q2 of 2011 There is a high speed manufacture since 2012 Mobile broadband 4G
LTE internet, motion sensors, And mobile payment mechanisms. In 2013, it was
incorporated There is a site called Tizen. In 2014, the sale Smartphones have
grown to over 1.2 billion worldwide Since 2013, 28% has risen.

For an example Samsung galaxy.




Samsung Galaxy, a mobile phone manufactured by
Samsung GT-I7500 in some countries, used the open source Android operating
system. Samsung Galaxy FX 1, Samsung Galaxy A8 and Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3.
Samsung i5700 Samsung Galaxy Former logo for Samsung Galaxy FX 3. Samsung
Galaxy Grand, Ace, Samsung Galaxy S Series, Mega, Mini, Young, Babble,
Smartphones, Tablets etc. Touchscreen and Stylus Input with Android with



6)      Marketing

find out what strategy Samsung has to look at its marketing mix to achieve its
leading position in the smartphone market. Marketing conglomerate has pointed
out strategic choices. Marketing Composition The target market (HudsonSon,
2009) is referred to as a mix of product, price, and development distribution
strategies to create a mutual satisfaction exchange. The marketing mix is ??an
item 4ps, which is made up of four related components of all product strategy.
These are product, promotion, price and space. They have the opportunity to
distinguish the company. (Borden, 1964). Four PBIs of product, price, promotion
and space S is an opportunity to offer a company business. If you meet these consumer
needs, it will lead to sales. In addition, if it is adequately managed, then
the sale must be profitable for business. (McDonald’s, 2013) Suppliers need to
understand these attributes and use the value of the buyers, so that they can
customize each customer to their needs and mix the components that request


6.1 Product

are products and services that a company provides to the target market. The
marketing product refers to all activities related to product development, keep
in mind that the product has a market, it should be appealing; This varies from
other products on the market, which can be manufactured at an expensive
competitive price. Samsung smartphones are built out of its range in smart
phones, the perfect combination of comfort, simplicity and technique. Their
distinct personalized smartphones come with pending features. Products in
Samsung’s telephone fields vary. They are a number of Galaxy smartphones, the
Galaxy S4 being their fourth generation. The Samsung Galaxy series is based on
Android and many more.

6.2 Price

amount to pay for this product. (Borden, 1964). Hutchison (2009) provides the
transaction to customers. In four elements, the price is determined as a key
variant because it is one of the key determinants of a product value. This is
one of the cost ratings used by the consumer, which costs the product to buy,
assign or use (McDonald’s, 2013). He noted that the marketing mix was a very
difficult feature to manage prices. McDonald’s (2013) insists on maintaining
the integration of prices; The company must implement a sound price strategy;
It will support the company’s overall marketing strategy and profitability.
After producing world-class innovative and expensive phones phones, Samsung was
able to find out what it needs to stay on the industry. Apple Inc. It did not
allow the growth of markets like Asia, and it was not allowed in developing
countries like India due to price policy. This is the result of a wide range of
products produced with various price limits.


6.3 Place

area is widely known. This is how consumers finally get consumers (Bourdain,
1964). Distribution channels. Providing products in convenient locations for
customers This is for the distribution and distribution of products (Hutchson,
2009). From consumer viewpoint, Channel (McDonald’s, 2013) is a channel by
purchasing a channel by purchasing relationships directly with suppliers.
Therefore, the development of a strategy for the channel is essential for a
company to have a relationship with his client. Many distribution systems are
made by wholesale sellers and retailers (Hutchison, 2009). According to
McDonald’s (2013), the supplier must decide where marketing efforts should be
addressed. That is, focusing on a seller approach to sell in the highest
possible products, or emphasis on supplier demand, so the middlemen are
encouraged to deal with those products. (McDonald’s, 2013). A businessman can
use; Marketing Composition Extra Delivery, Selected Distribution, Exclusive
Delivery and Owner to Complete Other Features. Samsung uses different delivery
routes. They supply mobile telephony retailers to various telecommunications
companies, such as web partners, such as Amazon and other carriers. They are
pop-up Samsung’s retail stores.


6.4 Promotion

these types of communications can be used to inform the public about the
preparation of the marquee (Bourdain 1964). All promotion activities are
designed to communicate with the market, thus improving the sales of products.
Promotes information that helps customers to make a decision on buying a
product. This includes: Advertising. Public relations, personal sales and sales
promotion. This is an important instrument that supports the firm’s deployment
in various markets. (McDonald’s, 2013). It is found to encourage customers and
remind customers of buying consumer products (Hudsonson, 2009). A key
instrument for solving corporate problems, such as improving market conditions
or providing customers with the economic benefit of business (McDonald’s, 2013).
Samsung uses various advertising tools on various media sites to promote
various smartphones. They use television, print ads, internet social media and
external media.