1. hire the person who suitable and fit in


Human resources departmentTheresponsibilities of human resourcesdepartment payroll, benefits and hiringemployees. The human resources department of Niki company will recruitingand hiring the right mix of people to join Niki company and get a right personinto the right job. Hence, the human resources department will evaluateemployees’ job performance.

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Besides, use to hire the person who suitable and fitin to requirements of the job description. The Niki company of HR departmentpay wages and salary to the employees. 2.Production DepartmentProduction is the process between input resourceand the output produced. Production Department is the department thatmanufacturing the raw materials. At the same time, controlling the quality, thequantity of products and prevent the wastage.

In Niki company, focused on theusefulness of products. Such as the productive, profitable and quality has beenregard as important, because which is the only way to become a successfulcompany. 3.Marketing DepartmentMarketing Department only have two main missions,which is to require the need of customer and how to attract targeting customerto buy the products or service. Marketing include marketing mix, 4Ps. Product,pricing, place, promotion. Product is the goods or service to satisfy customerneeds. Pricing is setting the price of product according the price market.

Place is distribution, which is how a customer get the products that he broughtfrom producer. Promotion is conveying the information of the products to thecustomers and attracting them to buy it. The marketing segmentation of Nikicompany is focusing on produce support and sponsorship to sports team, aspromoting the name of Niki.4.

Accounting and finance departmentThe accounting and financeof the Niki company keep track of a firms of financial assets and funds flow.For example, the accounting and finance department will calculate and saverecords of the sales, profits, expenditure and investment records Then, theaccounting and finance will ensure the keep the data of the transaction, suchas bank transaction. Hence, accounting and finance department help Niki companyto control the flow of funds. The financial side focus at the low od funds forbusiness operations and control on how the money should be spend.

5.Research and development departmentNiki company focusing onthe new products, designs and improve the products that we already produced. Thenew product researcher in Niki company determine on the quality of products,specification of products and products price. Then, the Niki company design the products based on theneeds of customers.

Hence, Niki company will invest more money in the researchand development department service firms because the latest the technology canimprove manufactured products more easily than services. Nike company alsocreate the newest and most advanced designs and technology in the sneakerbusiness.