1.Floating by showing its interest and reaction to the

1.Floating Facebook Covers The focus of this social media hack was with the magnification of its primary motive “Show but don’t tell”The motive was to entice the visitors to have a moving facebook cover so as to encapsulate their attention,this social media hack worked tremendously as it penetrated deep into the user mindset.The role of having a moving graphic was to push the user to click the View Button and further rhetorically claim for its genuineness.The best marketing technique for business is to show off their best technique with the optimum captivating power.2.Introduction Of Multiple Image Post on InstagramEver seen an Instagram Page trending with its image fortification?Yes,the idea behind this was to pursue users to swipe to the latter images after having a slight look on the cover image.The motive was to enhance the build up of the web page by deliberately adding on images and graphics pleasing to the users eyes and hence enhancing the visibility of the web page.3.Engaging Users to react to your PostFacebook having launched its “Reaction” tool to images has helped the administrator to decide the users likes and dislikes.The Gratification of the post using smileys has made the relevant content to pop up on the User Window,this social media hack has helped the user to choose the content for himself by showing its interest and reaction to the different columns on the social media.4.Sensational Viral Youtube VideosThe word ‘viral’ synonymously used for trending has been a key social media hack in 2017.Look out for ‘Dhinchak Pooja’ on any social media app,this video has made it up to the top and all thanks to the Viral youtube videos,the count of the number of shares for this video has itself decided for the amount of sensationalism it has created in the Country.The search engine optimization for such videos doesn’t come up to be done manually but by the Users.