1. face traffic. This shows us perseverance because the

1. What does the setting of the opening scene suggest about the rest of the novel? What does it suggest about family structure?The setting of the opening scene suggests that the families living in there would have to solve the problem about the crops. In the past few months, the families could not grow a lot of crops because of the weather and the dust. I think the book would show us the choices the characters would make and their consequences. It shows how the families have hope but on the inside, they know that they don’t have any choice but to move out to another country.

The family structure is that the men took all the decisions and the women take care of the kids.2. Animals play an important symbolic role throughout this novel.

What important qualities does the land turtle have as described in Chapter 3?The land turtle in chapter 3 in my opinion it can be an example of perseverance and faith. The land turtle always keeps moving forward even though it has to face traffic. This shows us perseverance because the land turtle always keeps going to get to its goal and nothing can stop him. Also, the turtle land shows us faith because while it’s moving through the traffic it doesn’t know if it would be crushed by the cars. In my opinion, this can be an example of Tom Joad life because he wants to get home after all this year and he has faith that his family would still be there. 3. What opinions does Casey, the former preacher, have about sin and using “bad words”?Casy was a preacher but he doesn’t believe in sin, he thinks that “There ain’t no sin and there ain’t no virtue. There’s just stuff people do.

” When he was a preacher he always prays and prays but he sins a lot. That’s why he stop preaching. He thinks that a sin its normal because everyone does it. Also, Casy doesn’t believe in bad words he says that “They’re jus’ words folks use,an´they don’t mean nothing bad with ’em.” Casy believes that is more important the intention, more than the bad word. 4. How do the tractors operate? What role does the bank play? What power do the small farmers have against the banks and the tractors? The tractors operators are farmers neighbors.

They are following orders from the bank to destroy everything in there. The owners are following orders from the bank because they have not pay. The owners and the farmers are not making any money because they cannot land crops because of the weather.

The bank does not care about that, they just want their profit. That’s why the farmers and the owners called the bank the monster. The bank is the one who lends the money to the owner but because they are not making money they are going to take the land from them. The small farmers don’t have any power against the bank or the tractors because they don’t own the land, so the only thing left for them if to move away. In my opinion, it is really unfair for the farmers because they are the ones that work the most and they gained the least. 5. Of what importance is Muley in this story? What’s the difference between being the hunter and being the hunted? Muley is important in the story because he told Tom Joad and Jim Casy where Tom´s family went.

In my opinion, muley is living as a ghost he did not want to leave the land because he was used to it but know he is lonely and he is being hunted by the police.  Muley also explained that being the hunter and the hunted is so different.  If you are a hunter you are strong and you have the power but if you are hunted you have to think about the danger and you have to know how to survive in difficult situations. 6. Chapters 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 tell the narrative about Tom Joad and his family the way novels usually do. What is the function of the other short chapters (1, 3, 5, etc.

)? What does Chapter 7 imply about used-car salesmen? The chapters 1,3 and 5 give us a perspective of the scenario and it gives us an idea of how the story will go. In chapter 1 and 5 show us how the farmers live and how they were forced to leave their homes. In chapter 3 they give us a metaphor for the land turtle. These chapters give the book an interesting change. In chapter 7  the used-car salesmen used words to trick the person and persuade them to buy ‘trash’ cars. In my opinion, the salesman implies that in the path of the family to California they will be tricked in many ways. 7.

What do the faces of the Joad family reveal about them? What are the most important characteristics of Ma and Pa and of the grandparents?The faces of the Joad family show us how they are a caring family and they are hard working. They seem a family who is willing to share with everyone even though they don’t know them. Ma seems to be a strong woman who is very caring and nice. I think she is the one that is keeping the family together in this difficult situation. Pa seems to be very hardworking and that he has hope to found a job in California.  The grandparents seem that they say what they think and they are very friendly.

8. How does each member of the family feel about going to California? How does each feel about leaving home?It is really difficult for the entire family to leave their homes because they have lived on the farm for their entire lives. Pa seems really excited because he is hoping to find a better job in California and give his family a new home. Ma and the grandparents seem scared because it is something new and they don’t know if there could be opportunities in California for them.  Tom Joad seems sad because he cannot go to California because of his parole.