1. as if this organization’s problems are my problems.

1. Age Less than 25 year                   25-35               35-45               45 and above 2. Gender:      £ Male            £ FemaleNote:please rank the facilities and services in this using following scale.5 =strongly agree   4 = agree   3 = neutral  2 = disagree    1 = stronglydisagree     Sr.# Statement SA 5 A 4 N 3 DA 2 SDA 1   Top Level Commitment           1  I really feel as if this organization’s problems are my problems.           2 I feel a strong sense of loyalty towards this organization.           3 I would accept almost any type of job assignment in order to keep working for this organization.           4  My work is my most rewarding experience.

          5  I am willing to put in a great deal of effort beyond that expected in order to help this organization to be successful.             Flow of Information           6 I am satisfied with the communication flow in my work center.           7 Important information moves freely up and down the organization.           8 My immediate supervisor explains things clearly to me.           9 Communication flows freely from senior leadership to all levels of the organization.

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          10 My immediate supervisor effectively passes on information I need to know.             Relationship and Decision making           11 When making a decision, I trust my inner feelings and reactions           12 I generally make decisions that feel right to me           13 I use the advice of other people in making my important decisions           14 I rarely make important decisions without consulting other people           15 I double check my information sources to be sure I have the right facts before making decisions             Mutual Understanding           16 Employees are held accountable for their work           17 I would recommend the Company as a great place to work             18 All employees are committed to the success of the company           19 Employees are committed to serving the Company           20 Employees are committed to improving quality of services             Supply chain Responsiveness           21 We offer competitive prices.           22 We deliver customer orders on time           23 We offer products that are highly reliable           24 We have fast product development.           25 We are first in the market in introducing new products.           26 We are able to offer prices as low or lower than our competitors.

          27 Our major suppliers effectively expedite our emergency orders           28 We have time-to-market lower than industry average.           29 Our major suppliers change product mix in a relatively short time.           30 Our major suppliers change product volume in a relatively short time.           31 We provide dependable delivery.

          32 We provide customized products.           33 We offer products that are very durable.           34  We are able to compete based on quality.